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Anti-Rape Condom Can Help Protect Victims

A new "anti-rape" condom could protect women in dangerous areas from being attacked. The device is a female condom filled with sharp, microscopic barbs that will attach themselves to flesh. The theory is that while the attacker is stunned and doubled-over with pain, the woman will have a chance to flee the scene before the rapist has a chance to do further damage to her. Once it latches on to the skin, the condom can only be removed surgically, which will mean that attackers will have to go to the hospital and risk getting caught.

While I can certainly see value in this device, I can't help but think of all those situations where things could go wrong. What do you think readers? A great idea or a huge mistake waiting to happen?


Personally, it seems like a great idea for places like the Congo, where there's a rape epidemic, but it terrifies me to have it here in the states for reasons like DrCaligari said.
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Then keep your penis out of your ex! So old. I think it is a good idea in some countries where rape is common it would make they guy think twice but in gang rape i can see the woman getting killed and raped while the other guy is doubled over in pain. Also years ago when this was in the news there were some problems with the barbs tearing through the ...i am gonna assume latex and the women had to go to the hospital.
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Seems like a great way to catch a rapist, but wouldn't it be better if we could stop women from being raped in the first place? That's where I see the biggest problem with this condom, the woman has to be raped for it to work.
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I think Jill was focusing on the practical, physical ways the condom could fail - as opposed to just the silly ones.

The problem with a female condom that protects a woman from STD's is the same problem that protects a woman from rape; sexual technique.

When you try to insert a penis into a vagina with a female condom inside it, you have to do some tricky "maneuvering" to make sure you stay inside the condom, and not just shove the thing back into her. The less care you take, the more likely this will happen. In fact, it's pretty much guaranteed if you don't REALLY try to get yourself inside that condom.

Rapists are a little busy with raping to bother.
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I can see the litigation now. Crazy ex wives and gfs using it as a passive assault. Or pandering to the fears of women not much at risk, and then they forget they have it in...

And for those truly at risk, however painful to the rapist, if he's all hopped up on adrenaline, that specific violence could easily become murderous.

Too bad, because at first glance, it does seem like such a good idea. Until it interacts with the real world.
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a few of you know about this..good, as its NOT NEW..

Also consider the FEMALE body. and you insert a product into it.
1. WOW its removable. smart person is going to check FIRST.
2. Put ribs on it and the Girls will like it better.
3. Sense its SOFT enough to insert, its SOFT enough to CUT IT OFF of the male.
4. IF you anchor it INSIDE the female, isnt that going to HURT the female?

what would be interesting is a RING and TRAP..something gets inserted and a TIGHT RING is ATTACHED to the male.. Like trying to CUT off a RUBBER BAND(IDIOT) off the isnt easy and is VERY SCARY to the male.
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What a wonderful way to get someone's Aids tainted blood in your vagina.

And isn't it great to see a device that takes LONGER to spring on your attacker than a neglected gun buried at the gum encrusted bottom of your handbag.
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Oh God. In order to be 'safe' I'm now supposed to insert a rather uncomfortable-looking device such as this into myself? Can one not just walk a different way?

Rapes by strangers are remarkably rare - most perpetrators are people already well known to the victim.
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In addition to putting the rape victim into greater danger by enraging her attacker, widespread usage of a device like this would probably lead to an increase in anal rape. This is a very short-sighted and poorly thought-out solution.
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Sara... you're right that about 80% of rapists know their victims. But as for the uncomfortable side of it-- Many women wear menstrual cups, which seems to be kind of analogous, though for a different purpose, and most women can't feel them at all.
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sara, that's not the case on poorer countries, where women are subjected to all sorts of violence everyday. In Africa, where AIDS is pretty common and so is rape, this would be well used.

It's sick that sometimes women can't defend themselves on this kind of situation for fear of getting killed, and the rapists don't get punished at all afterwards.
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So, rapists will start checking for these with their fingers and removing them, thus prolonging the victims horror. I see this as good in theory but in reality I think they will most often hurt innocent men.
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lol @ some of these comments. You don't have to anchor it inside, vagina's are like pockets that hug. Nice huh? And as soon as a guy's dong is inside the device, the device will hold onto the penis and slide right out of the vageen. The raper will struggle to get the device off while the woman can flee. Truly this is impractical but if I lived in a place where rape was rampant then I would definitely consider this.
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But if you think of the mentality of these MEN..
And if an atempted rape ENDED up with a strange device Attaching to them..
What do you think they would do to the victim??

Even my thought of a Rubber band device that Attaches near the head of the Phallic intruder, QUICKLY cutting off circulation to that PART of the body(and if he dont get it off SOON) would really make these persons upset and very irrational.

What got this person in trouble is..
1. NOT understanding the AREA she was in.
2. NOT knowing the LAWS of this area, BEFORE going there.
3. OPENING HER BIG MOUTH about her relationship with another person.

As to 1, women are not considered reliable on ANYTHING.
AS to 2, in this region, the laws are STRICT. there is NO LEEWAY. they are BLACK and WHITE. do you think they will run a DNA sample and needed to know about your BOY FRIEND?? NOT.
As to 3, Even in the USA, DONT VOLUNTEER Information.
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A. The dude gets so pissed off from the pain and the fact the woman did it he murders the woman. They're not saying the man will die from it.
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1: Rapist realizes he's been caught.
2: Rapist goes into even more of a rage.
3: Rapist kills woman, gets scissors, cuts the dang thing off.

On top of all this, if you're worried about HIV, the last thing you want in a rapist bleeding all over you.

Anyway, if you're willing to put something inside of you with spikes in it, I bet you'd have more luck with a locking chastity belt... or say, mace?
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Seems like a small handgun would be much more effective. Why wait to be attacked at all, just drop the guy as soon as he threatens you. Plus you can carry a handgun in your purse as opposed to where you have to carry this thing.
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ECA needs to get one thing through his head. Rape is never the victim's fault. People can do certain things to prevent rape, yes, and many who do are still victimized. But no one ever chooses to be the victim of that crime.

This really isn't a solution, people are correct. The only solution is to spread awareness and information to help break the rape culture we live in. Yeah, the phrase "rape culture" has feminist connotations, but people need to deal with the radical idea that all people are equal. Rape is a crime not of sex, but of power.

Women, if you feel like you're in danger, do your best to get out of it, but keep in mind your own safety. If the unthinkable does happen, go the emergency room. Get a rape kit done. Do this before changing your clothes, showering, or clipping your nails. A rape kit can be done up to 72 hours after the crime, I believe. I know that's not available in all countries, but it's more viable than the anti-rape condom thing.
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It's difficult to rape someone when you have a chest full of bullet holes. An anti-rape gun seems a better choice than letting someone get close enough to harm you.
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I could say a few things..
EXCEPT you forgot a few things..

WHERE did this happen? is the main one.

WHAT are the laws? Do you know them? I can give you an example of 1. For a Women to prove RAPE she must have 6 MALE witnesses..

Do you think the MALE DOMINATED area, really gives a "RATS ASS" what a women says or thinks?? NOPE.
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for you folks that think a gun is a SAFETY device..
1. most that carry a gun, tend to loose them to their ATTACKER.
2. GUNS are not very good at close quarters for DEFENSE.
3. the LAWS in this area FORBID weapons, especially to persons from OUT OF COUNTRY, coming for a visit.


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This device is clearly of last resort -- the woman has already been subdued, likely by violence, or via a date rape drug, and possibly is unconscious. The male must penetrate for this to work, and then is stuck there -- the sharp, inward-pointing barbs will strongly discourage him from pulling out against them. So he will likely wind up beating her and/or killing her.

As others have suggested, a better solution can be a small but highly effective concealed carry pistol in an in-band holster, like a KAHR P9 or similar. Awareness of your situation and good training will lead to a subdued, arrested (or shot dead) would-be rapist, and not another traumatized rape victim.

But, if for whatever reason that's not an option, a variant of this device, designed to inject a barbituate or similar strong knock-out drug into the man's glans would be far more effective as it would result in him rapidly passing unconscious rather than getting enraged and descending into terrified violence. The police and ambulance would then be able to apprehend him at the scene with all the evidence right on hand, not hope and wait he goes to a hospital and also hope that the ER staff can connect the dots.

The likelihood of conviction if they arrested the would-be unconscious rapist on the scene, pants down, practically in the act, would be far higher than if / when the fellow was picked up days later at a hospital seeking treatment.
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The rapist who gets "caught" by this will kill the victim. That's it. End of story. Hopefully he would be permanently disfigured. Hell, hopefully he would bleed to death, but that won't make his victim any less dead.
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@ECA Even a walking stick is likely to be taken by the attacker and be used against the victim.
Woman have a smaller body mass and strength and therefore should avoid getting close to their attacker - a gun would provide this advantage but is likely to see the woman charged with murder. Especially if she has not allowed her attacker to get close enough to do any physical harm to her.
@FiatVeritas Thank you for giving practical advice in such a concise manner. THIS is the information that everyone needs to be made aware of.
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ECA, I do know the laws. I'm a trained Sexual Assault Services Educator at my University. I'm planning on going on to train as a Rape Counselor with Pittsburgh Action Against Rape.

I'm aware that it is almost impossible to get a rape conviction in the US, let alone abroad. Even with fairly progressive laws, it's almost impossible to prove force. I know that in many countries abroad, rape is legally the woman's fault. Androcentric, misogynist laws do not change the fact that it never is.

You're right, I know. But you're not framing it as a problem, you're framing it as concrete fact. While it is true, it's not unchangeable. 700,000 women are raped in the US every year. 1 in 4 girls are victim of a sex crime before the age of 18. Something has to change. It's not a perpetrator-enraging condom, no. But please, don't frame so it looks identical to victim blaming. That does nothing but perpetuate the problem.
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I love all the concern for innocent men. Where's the acknowledgement that it's not a woman's job to not get raped? Isn't that why we (in theory) put men in jail for rape? Because it's not the victim's fault?

As per all the hypothetical awesomely innocent dudes getting punished by vindictive exes, isn't assault assault? I mean, she could come at him with a knife. Would that be better? It would still be prosecuted as assault. Again, you have to stop people from thinking its okay to hurt other people.

Also, I don't think I could ignore having something like this inside me. I think that would be pretty hard to forget. Having to walk around with this is like admitting we live in a society where something like it might actually come in handy. What does that say about us? Maybe we should focus on stopping rapists, yeah? Maybe start by putting away more than a tiny fraction of them.
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Rape is an abhorrent crime. In my opinion, rapists should be physically castrated, but there are those cases in which a convicted rapist has turned out to be innocent. In these cases they are exonerated through DNA analysis, or the victim made a mistaken identification (victim ID of the rapist being notoriously unreliable).

This device is certain to enrage a rapist, and result in the victim's death. The victim would be better off carrying a gun and being properly trained in its use.

AS for blaming the victim in rape cases, while there can be no excuse for the rapist, it must be remembered that not all rape is a crime of power or violence only. It can also be a crime of opportunity, and the victim can--sometimes--"precipitate" their own victimization. Being in the wrong place such as a dark alley, wandering off drunk with a group of men, and so on. Victim precipitation, is, of course, a controversial subject because it is deemed politically incorrect, but its reality cannot be ignored. If the victim does not consent, it is rape, though the victim is not entirely blameless. This is true of many crimes: the victim, and they are indeed a victim, helps to precipitate the crime. Likewise, the myth of date rape drugs tends to place the entire fault of the rape on the male. However, in almost every date rape drug case, it turns out that the victim was drunk and consented to something she regretted when later sober.
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I dunno... it's a good idea in theory, but as others have mentioned. It just seems like it would do nothing but make the rapist even angrier and more aggressive. It COULD work, but *shrugs*
And also, you do have to take in to account the people who would abuse this thing. Psycho women who would put it in just to claim rape on an innocent guy.
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I think this would be a device that wouldn't help the victim, but perhaps help in figuring out who her attacker was (when he goes for medical treatment), and also perhaps scare a "lesser" potential rapist in the future, when rumors of bloody appendages start to circulate ala "urban legend" style. Making the risk seem greater than the reward.
The original person though, has made a bad situation worse.
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"How about teaching men not to rape women?

Or is that too much to hope for?"

According to studies, sex is all guys really give lengthy thought to. Develop a drug/pill that gets rid of that urge and you might have a shot.
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If you want to feel safe get a dog.


No gun, taser, spike thing, mace, sap, brass knuckles, or other weapon of any sort has EVER been as effective as a simple Dog.

No other device or person has a 10,000 year track record of preventing attacks.
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"According to studies, sex is all guys really give lengthy thought to."

Too bad men didn't think long enough to do these fictional studies you aren't linking to.
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If a woman feels the need to wear one of these, she needs to change her circumstances so that she DOESN'T feel like she needs to wear one of these.
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What might help here is remembering that almost all of us blokes aren't rapists. Please, ladies, don't tar us all with the same brush by making sweeping statments.
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Twenty eight per cent of reported rapes are by strangers. About 82,000 rapes are reported each year in the US. That's enough stranger rapes – assuming a woman doesn't also want to strike back at rapists who are acquainted – for a woman to take precautions. Saying she should just "changer her circumstances" doesn't merit a response.

If memory serves – and it's been a few decades – the original version of this just contained a razor blade, and would have been less useful in identifying the rapist. There was similar hostile reaction to it, mostly out of misplaced sympathy for the poor rapist. It was not, as one suggested, a soft condom, so it would not have been "pushed back in."

Sounds like a good idea to me, maybe as part of a personal protection plan. While the rapist is doubled up in pain you'll have time to search through your purse for your 38. Maybe add some knock-out drops to the mix. Sure the rapist might kill his victim if she angers him. And he might kill her if she's perfectly compliant. With something to make her rapist easier to identify she could then strike back from beyond the grave. This device would not only protect the one victim wearing it but also future potential victims. Sounds like it is worthy of being marketed by Ronco to me. Maybe part of their Vegematic line.
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I waste way too much time arguing online – trying to cut back – but can't leave without responding to FelixtheCat (love those tricks you do with your ears): " almost every date rape drug case, it turns out that the victim was drunk and consented to something she regretted when later sober." Yeah, right, Felix; I'd be interested in checking out those studies. Can you link to their peer-reviewed publications?

I'm sure that alcohol is still the favorite date rape drug, but rufies and others have been used, sometimes resulting in rape, sometimes in death (oops!). Bear in mind that one of the effects of Ruhypnol is amnesia, and that the rapist, if he has access to a woman's drink, is likely to be an acquaintance and acquaintance rapes are underreported.

I thought this writer summed it up pretty well: "... numbers are difficult to establish for many reasons, including: a lack of reporting mechanisms; because these drugs impair memory; because the drugs may no longer be in a victim's system once an assault is reported; and because sexual assaults are generally underreported (it is estimated that two to six times more rapes occur than are actually reported). In Canada, according to a study published in the November/December 2004 issue of the Canadian Journal of Public Health, not only have drug-facilitated sexual assaults increased in the past decade, but more than one in four hospital-reported sexual assaults were drug-facilitated. Overall, in both the United States and Canada, incidents are concentrated among high school, college, and university students."
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A feminist group on our university campus put up signs for a device like this when I was going to school nearly 30 years ago.

It was fake back then... I bet it still it.
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oh wow, this is definitely an interesting invention.

I'm definitely not saying rapist don't deserve this level of punishment but it is a little .. psycho.
I mean, what if this happens to her boyfriend or husband? Like, I could just see many things go wrong with this.

But otherwise, great idea..? very cruel.
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I would worried if the girl forgot to take it out - or kept it in as a matter of revenge! Luckily being someone who goes for men, I have little to worry about!
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"a gun would provide this advantage but is likely to see the woman charged with murder. Especially if she has not allowed her attacker to get close enough to do any physical harm to her."

Not in my state. You can shoot anyone who threatens you. You don't have to run, or warn them. It's been like that for years with no problems. (you do need to get a license to carry the gun, but it only involves a two day course and a fee)

"Also, I don’t think I could ignore having something like this inside me."

It's also hard to forget you have a gun on you. They aren't light.

"If you want to feel safe get a dog."

You can take a gun many more places than you can take a dog. (I have both)

I think that if you are the type of person who could carry a gun, knowing that you really could use it, you are also more likely to be the type of person who would be on guard against rape. At least against being raped by someone you didn't know or had never met. I think you could also take some lessons in Judo, Karate, Ju Jitsu etc...
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The woman is raped. The rapist has his cock trapped. He is pissed off, so he shoots her. He cut the shit out with a knife after that. She survives from the shot.

But unfortunatelly she dies from AIDS after five years of agony.

The solution of rape is security. That said, if someone is being raped, to preserve your life and integrity the best thing is to be "nice" with the rapist, sadly. This trap stuff only will make things more dangerous.
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I find it very telling that the moderators here allow a whole gender to be slandered wholesale,

but they censored my comment that simply used the correct medical term for a woman's genitals.

You know the one that begins with "V" and rhymes with Regina?

So i will repost my comment and use silly baby language instead of speaking to you all like we are mature humans.

This seems to be a good way to get AIDS tainted blood inside your "Womanly Parts"

Neatorama what is wrong with your filters? Are you buying them from Mormons? or just Morons?
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Hasn't anyone realized that in order for this device to work the woman has to be raped FIRST.

This isn't prevention, it is just vengeance.
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I agree with the notion that it may result in more rape victims being murdered. I wish I could say it is a good idea, but it doesn't seem safe for the woman in the long run.
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So all the people who assume this device would only provoke a murderous rage in the assailant, would your advice the victim be to shut up, sit there and take it?
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Yes, that's been suggested, Gauldar. Also suggested: Stop being in dangerous situations! Look at your own behavior, ladies, and stop being all, you know, rapeable!

Basically the equivalent of Wanda Sykes' wish that she could leave her vagina at home. Really sad, essentially, that simply existing as a woman comes with risk that people might violently stick things in you. Gross. I wasn't going to comment on this post, because what can you say?

At the end of the day, you walk around with a certain level of ambient fear that this could happen to you. Wearing this device is an expression of that, and its existence is just sort of a sad commentary on that fact.

I don't know...what do you men think you would do if you had to walk around with the vague fear that you might be anally violated, if you knew lots of guys it had happened to, and that you pretty much needed to be on some level of guard...forever? Suggestion box is open. I'm not personally willing to kill someone even if it means being raped.
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I have technical / practical concerns with this: is it visible by outside inspection when in place? How can it be removed by the woman safely, if no rape occurs? Can the same method be used by a rapist? What kind of damage would it do if the rapist tried insertion of a digit first? If those devices became popular, what would keep potential rapist from keeping an inconspicuous item of similar size to a penis around (carrot, hot dog) to spring a potential trap?
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While I tend to be a fan of booby traps, this is plain idiotic for all the reasons mentioned, PLUS it might convey a false sense of security as well.

A few other points:

--While suffering deliberate harm at the hands of someone else is NEVER the victim's fault (it's the perpetrator's fault), victims often do make regrettable decisions that have entirely predictable consequences. It's best to identify risks and avoid them, rather than becoming a statistic.

--Rape is an act of violence and power, not lust. It seems that a lot of folks are confused on this. Escalation seems to be a poor choice, given that motivation.

--On "teaching men not to rape", what a great suggestion, I'm shocked nobody has thought of that before! Right. In the real world, people don't always do what they're taught. There are a lot of very defective people on the loose, whether their psychosis is fueled by genetic/physiological/pharmacological factors, by life experiences, by religion, or by peer pressure. About all you can do is try to avoid 'em.

--What Zardoz said about guns and a conspicuous part of the male anatomy that I will sooner not mention directly than use baby talk.
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If I'm going to go out and rape someone, and they mutilate my junk, why would I not just kill them for their trouble?

Hell, I'd kill most women I know if they stick barbs into me like that.
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Quoting Flux-

"According to studies, sex is all guys really give lengthy thought to. Develop a drug/pill that gets rid of that urge and you might have a shot."

Raise our children in a culture that no longer condones rape and THEN we truly have a shot.

(Don't understand what I mean? Look through this forum- more than one commenter has made the assessment that rape is somehow the fault of the victim or that rape is something women should be prepared to protect themselves against- as if it were just part of everyday life and not knowing how to avoid it speaks badly on her, not the horrible people who rape. While we may live in a society where we think rape is bad, we still make many excuses for it- there is NO excuse for it, it SHOULD NOT have to be my responsibility as a woman to protect myself from these heinous action- rather it should not be taking place at all. No one ever speculates if a murder victim was “asking” for it.)
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You said:
So all the people who assume this device would only provoke a murderous rage in the assailant, would your advice the victim be to shut up, sit there and take it?

Regrettably, yes. Depending on the circumstances, of course, if the woman is in a situation where she is being raped, sometimes her best chance for survival while being raped is to comply.

You said: "No one ever speculates if a murder victim was “asking” for it."

I beg to differ. What about Matthew Sheppard or any other murder of homosexual males?

This whole device seems bogus to me, and probably illegal. By the time that this device would be employed, the woman is probably too incapacitated to get away from her attacker and the guy would take his anger out on her. I wouldn't feel sorry for him, but you wouldn't want to increase your own chance of catching HIV or Hep B (or being brutally assaulted or murdered beyond the rape) with something like this.
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Gauldar said:

"So all the people who assume this device would only provoke a murderous rage in the assailant, would your advice the victim be to shut up, sit there and take it?"

I'm a male mid-twenties. And I'm your biggest peace, love, and cookie dough stoner. I consider myself a good ethical person and think rape is a horrible crime. Now, a rapist is probably on the wrong moral plane to begin with. And if something like this happened to me under so sort of vengeful circumstance I would probably lose it. I can only imagine what a rapist would do.
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You mean post #18?

The moderators do pay attention, give them time to notice it so they can undo what the automod program does. I've been squleched by the automod before too, it's just something to get used to.
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Wow, what a crazy device. Good intentions I think, but in the end it would probably end up in more violence and/or retribution.

Now if they could rig the thing to be painless but somehow tag the rapist with like a homing device?

Maybe have it painlessly inject a colored die into the rapist that turns his ears purple? So we would all know that rapists have purple ears.
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I'm going to get hate mail for saying this, but I do not trust women with this at all. We can be rather petty sometimes, and I would expect that it would take all of a few hours before someone goes all nutso on a male they've felt wronged by. It's not that guys are all innocent, but there's far too much room for inappropriate use here.

If it's easy to see, rapists will just fish it out and keep going. If it's hard to see, you can easily be really mean to someone who doesn't deserve it.

If it does perform as intended, you've just made someone -really, really angry-. He is going to kick the living daylights out of you if not kill you. It's not like it cuts it off or anything; pinching and scratching are not enough to make someone curl up on the floor and cry.
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THAT IS SUCH A GOOD IDEA! But once rapists caught on it would lose it's effect and the rapist wouldn't use the condom or would check it was safe first but that would give the victim chance to escape. Well done, I hope it's legalised in the UK definately :) xx
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It would lose its effect once rapists knew about it, but if they weren't made public knowledge then it would be great because even catching a few rapists would make it worth it.
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It would only be a matter of time until some female tricks a male into having sex with her while she was wearing such a device. The male would not only experience pain, he would have a very hard time convincing a jury he did not rape her.

Great plot for a horror movie.
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My goodness people you have a total misconception.
1. The penis is incaptulated no blood near the victim.
2. Did you know that the rapist have gey matter. The condom can only be removed surgicaly.Should he kill his victim he is in duble touble,and he knows it.
3. I have spend hours talking to rapists in prisons. It is a hit and run, no time to look for Rape-aXe.
4. The condom is lubricated and due to the disign it will remain in tact.
5. Women that has been raped. "If only we new about Rape-aXe" "We feel dirty because of the semen inside of us" now there will be no bodyfluid. Sonnet
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so i like followed this girl and raped her, she's like i have the anti-rape condom (with her 13 year old voice) and like it really didn't hurt? idk might just be me but i think it like made me stronger? good talk guys i'll see you out there ;)
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umm dumb question but whats to stop someone who has a mind to do this and watches the news and knows to check and remove the device.... when you look at it like that whats the whole point of it then....

just a thought
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I was watching my favortie Spanish court show on TV las night, (Caso Cerrado) and there was a guy on there who was suing a girl for damage done to his penis by one of these. The girl lured the guy into her apartment and bed, then when he put it in her, the damage was done. (I guess there was no foreplay between them or he would have detected it.) He was in pretty bad shape. And yes, he had to go to the hospital and have it removed, because it was embedded into his penis. She set him up, just to hurt him. She claimed to have forgotten she had it in & said that she wore it while working as a go-go girl, just to be safe in case someone tried to rape her. She was ordered to pay him $5000. Far too little in my opinion.
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