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Karate Kid, the Remake

[YouTube Clip]

Remember the 1984 movie Karate Kid with Ralph Macchio and Pat Morita? Well, it's going to have a remake, featuring Jackie Chan and Jaden Smith (Will Smith's son). From Monsters and Critics:

Jaden Smith's character moves to Beijing with his mother, where he encounters a bully situation similar to Macchio's in his new locale. Smith's character will be named Dre instead of Daniel, and take lessons from Chinese martial arts master Mr. Han, played by Jackie Chan.

Whereas Daniel Larusso and his mother only faced a regional move across the United States in the the first film, the producers say the script will integrate language barriers and an international collision of world views into the bully-victim-turned-martial-artist tale.

Now, take a look at the trailer and tell me, shouldn't that be "kung fu" kid instead?

Hmmm... Good point. I saw the trailer recently, and hadn't thought of the karate/China angle; karate originated on Okinawa, and you can ask Pai Mei what the average Chinese martial arts master thinks of Japan. Barack Obama apparently isn't the only one who didn't do his homework on Chinese/Japanese relations.
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i already blogged my annoyance with this... "I know the original had its own special cheesiness, but it had an endearing quality to it. Ralph Macchio was gangley and kinda goofy looking, He looked like a bully magnet. Although, i've always equated cornrolls with mullets, I think the kid still ended up looking way cooler than any 10 year old has any right to" and that whole 'jacket on, jacket off' stuff makes me laugh uncontrollably...
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I am seriously having issues with the so soon remake. Its not time to do a remake AND there is only ONE true Karate Kid. Who can replace Ralph as Daniel-son or Johnny. The flick looks good but this is no Karate Kid! Plus I agree - China is NOT where Karate came from!
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Back when the original "Karate Kid" was released... having a kid as the main character in a martial arts movie, was somewhat novel. Not anymore.
I just don't understand why they would do a remake of this movie, and even go so far as to totally change the ethnicity of the main character...its weird. IMO. Also, this would turn heads and raise tempers if it was a white kid replacing what used to be an Asian or Black kid. *sigh* Double Standard Society.
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Blame the studios and DC: it started out as the Kung Fu Kid.

If you're gonna be picky though, it should be "The Wu Shu Kid" — ?? wushu is "martial art". Kung fu ?? gongfu means "skillful achievement". You can have kungfu in wushu, or in calligraphy, or in making pedantic blog comments.
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I think Jackie Chan must owe someone a lot of money. Between this movie a couple others coming down the line, it looks like he is doing all he can to pay off some enormous debt. That must be the only excuse the kind of crap he's putting out.
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More old crap from hollywood. I really feel sorry for jackie chan for doing the crap he's in. note to terrorists: pls attack hollywood with all you've got. k thnx bye.
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My god this looks terrible.

This appears to be predicated on the notion that Chinese fights involve kung fu. Nothing could be further from the truth. Watch Beijing Bicycle for a completely authentic rendition of how Beijing street fights go down--it's all slap-fighting until someone picks up a loose brick.
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I groaned the first time I heard that Karate Kid was being remade. I groaned again once I heard it was starring Will Smith's son. Nothing against Will Smith, I actually enjoy most of his movies, but there was no need to remake Karate Kid, and no reason to put his son in it other than to hopefully make him famous.
And yes, they really should've renamed the movie to fit the region they're in.
Just tragic no matter what angle you look at it.
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My kids have been taken kung fu for almost 6 years and I can tell you that calling kung fu karate is NOT COOL. Yes, this is SO NOT the Karate Kid, but the Kung Fu Kid! But, it will be like Kung Fu Panda when it was released - all the local karate schools jumped on it and make it theirs, which is pretty hilarious considering that kung fu is Chinese and karate is Japanese. Ignorance is bliss, I guess.
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How to ruin a well loved Franchise

Step 1: Plan a Remake
Step 2: Change the lead character to appease the black community while completely upending the whole premise of the original series.
Side-note: Change everything about the movie while you're at it to seem original, but keep the basic plot and title, despite neither of them making sense anymore.
Step 3: Cast Riley Freeman as said main character.
Step 4: ????
Step 5: PROFIT!!!

Ugh, movie directors have run out of new ideas and are just rehashing old things that people love into horrible monsters, like the Chipmunks or Garfield, or the Honeymooners.

I agree with the bomb Hollywood comment above. Or at least the movie ban. There should be a strike on movies until new, original plots are come up with. Anything older than twenty years is off limits to film makers.

It looks like it would be a good movie without the Karate Kid branding, but it'll be just like Eragon, a decent movie that suffers because it doesn't live up to its namesake.
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8 / Yo Mamma

Jackie uses the money he makes from his Hollywood films to finance his preferred movies back home in China. He's said before he doesn't really 'get' the hollywood films.
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It may end up being called "the kung-fu kid" according to jackie chan. ( - - - I don't see what the big deal it; if it's called "the Karate Kid" - so what? That's just marketing. How many people complained about The Karate Kids that came after part 2 (which were quite horrible.) It's actually quite different from the original. It's also going to go head-to-head with the A-Team remake; both are opening on the same day! Going to be a greta big 80's day at the theatres =) I like Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan's casting. Breaths some new life into it.
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Jackie Chan is fine for casting, Jaden Smith is absolutely horrible! Big time hollywood star trying to make son a star as well. Sorry folks, this kid can't pull it off. Maybe in a few years he could pull off some role but I just can't stand the casting. Why mess with the original so much and then call it the same thing? Boooo to Hollywood for ruining this great 80's movie.
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you guys need to get a life and quit ragging on people you have no rite to judge others. so do me and all the world a favor........SHUT UP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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