The World Will Not End in 2012

Those Mayan priests were way off base.  The correct date for the end of the world is May 21, 2011.

Harold Camping has announced that this new date corrects his previous incorrect prediction that the world would end in 1994.  He acknowledges that the previous prediction was based on a "mathematical error."  The new prediction has, however, a much more fundamental theological basis:
The number 5, Camping concluded, equals "atonement." Ten is "completeness." Seventeen means "heaven."

"Christ hung on the cross April 1, 33 A.D.," he began. "Now go to April 1 of 2011 A.D., and that's 1,978 years."  Camping then multiplied 1,978 by 365.2422 days - the number of days in each solar year, not to be confused with a calendar year.  Next, Camping noted that April 1 to May 21 encompasses 51 days. Add 51 to the sum of previous multiplication total, and it equals 722,500.

Camping realized that (5 x 10 x 17) x (5 x 10 x 17) = 722,500.  Or put into words: (Atonement x Completeness x Heaven), squared.

"Five times 10 times 17 is telling you a story," Camping said. "It's the story from the time Christ made payment for your sins until you're completely saved.  "I tell ya, I just about fell off my chair when I realized that," Camping said.

Squared, mind you.  How can you argue with such mathematical precision?  And please ignore the shape of his head in the shadow...


My rule of thumb comes from Jesus' statement about the day of his return. He said that nobody would know the day or hour (even he didn't know). Thus, if anyone claims to know it will be on a certain date, that date is ruled out!
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The problem with fundamentalists is that they are not fundamental enough.
It’s a no win game here, you know but just in case you run into anyone who is really worried about this remind the person the dating or the (current) Georgian Calendar is off 10 days from the Julian (used at the time) plus Herod died in what would have been 3 or 4 BC thus the birth is off by some 3-4 years as well in the western calendar.

Thus, the end of the world came between May 11, 2007 and May 11, 2008. Which coincidentally is the the EXACT period when the Nanny WAS NOT running on Nick At Night.
I rest my case
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The guy is a nutjob. If any if the words he is using were mistranslated or were translated differently, his magical calculations will not work. Now, match that up with the point that MikeCA made and we're not even sure that all the days since the New Testament was put together were kept track of accurately, let alone since JC's birth and/or death. Also, what about leap years? When we they start keeping track of those? In any case, I can predict with 100% accuracy that the world WILL end on a day that ends in a Y, that is unless we go all Turkmenistan and start renaming the days of the week.
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"In a major leap forward for astrology, yesterday all persons born under the sign of Scorpio were run over by egg lorries." - From Hoggart's column in The Grauniad yesterday.
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Actually, the whole notion of 2012 has been proven to be a lie spread by money seeking people who purposefully misinterpreted the Mayan Calendar. The Mayan Calendar was just a calendar. It had nothing to do with the end of the world.

Their calendar is just different than ours. Theirs ends in 2012, ours ends in December.

Just because it's December, doesn't mean its the end of the world.
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You counter this with an example of how many apparent interesting coincidences you can find for any number whatsoever, if you just look long enough or with the right tools. The following page details 924 ways by which the number 2010 can be reached, using the numbers 1 - 9 in order.

2010 = 1+2-(3-4-5)*6*7*8-9
2010 = 1-(2+(3-4-5)*6*7)*8+9
2010 = 1+2+(3+4*(5+6*7+8))*9
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Maybe tying the Maya and Christians isn't so far fetched. Maybe all those human sacrifices were to Yahweh. I mean who else would they sacrifice them to, another god? We all know that would be nutty.
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Christ taught 2012 in the Bible therefore it was meant for us to know. In Matthew 13:39-40, Christ says that he comes for the Harvest at the end of the age. The harvest is the separation of the wheat from the tares or the good people from the bad people. The KJV is mistranslated. It is translated correctly above from Ferrah Fentons Holy Bible in Modern English, recognized as the most accurate translation in the world. Dec. 21, 2012 is the end of the age of Pises and the end of the Precession or Great Year of 26,000 years. Do not be mis-led, it is not the second coming of Christ as that happens after tribulation. The word Harvest is an archaic word; today we call it the "rapture", translation or transfiguration of not only living righteous people but of the Earth itself. Those left behind on the physical Earth will have to face a cataclysm, much like Roland Emmerich's 2012 movie, and tribulation. It was also believed by the ancient world to be the time of the first resurrection of the righteous dead. For the complete story,as there is much much more,read my non-fiction 2012 trilogy, The Ark of Millions of Years. I write under the pen of E. J. Clark. 2012 is almost here. Read and prepare. Thanks....Mary England/E. J. Clark
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I chose that name years ago, when I first began to write (it is my maiden name), when it was more fashionable to use a pen name and because women who write on that subject are never taken seriously. The pen name of E. J. Clark is non-generic. Eventually in vol two of the trilogy, my sex is revealed but only after everyone was hooked on the first book. In my profession I was known as Clark for 45 years...everyone was simply called, Clark, Jones, Smith etc. All my credientals are in my maiden name of Clark. My married name is England but everyone still calls me Clark...the name just stuck. What's the big deal? I like the name and most people still know and call me by that name.
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Only the bible says Christ was born in December even though that was added in Carthage in 297 AD and done so to coincide with a Pagan holiday, most true Christian scholars will admit the reality Jesus was born in December is highly unlikely. It's more likely he was born in March or April. So the entire context of dates in the bible need to be taken with a large, large, VERY large grain of salt, and probably, most everything else in the bible (after all, in it the world was flat).

The same nutjobs (Mary above) and others were the same one trying to "prepare" us (read: enslave us with their batsh!ttery) that Y2K was the end of the world. I work in the Bible Belt and had to deal with crackpots like Mary et. el. saying then it was the end of the world, which, yeah no, not so much. The world has been around a long time, it will continue, sorry to burst people's bubbles. Though it is fun to totally pick on mercilessly the crackpots, like Mary above or the freaks in the bible belt when they're wrong, as they always are, though they'll always squirm out of it saying "well, it's because so and so... " yeah no, you're just ignorant. Close your bible, open your mind.
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Wow...Harold Camping is still alive? This guy was old and wrong back when he wrote the book "1994?" and predicted Jesus would return that year.
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The Bible doesn't say that Christ was born in December, nor does it have anything to say about the geometry of the Earth. At least know about that which you ridicule. Thank you.
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I remember back in 1993, I was a naive kid of 13 or 14, active in my Methodist church, when my youth leader told us an older kid (16 or 17) had read the book "1994?" and was convinced that the end was nigh. He quit school and sold all his stuff, and I think he had even convinced his parents that the end of the world was coming.

He was a smart kid -- did his algebra homework in pen and never had to scratch thru anything. Very bright but a little eccentric.

I wonder whatever happened to that kid.
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hmm, the world will not end in 2011, and the mayans never said the world will end in 2012, it is just the end of the calendar which STARTS OVER. people are so gullible.
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The sad truth is all of this 2012 propaganda has made 2012 a scary scenario. If people believe it will happen they might act on these beliefs and make anarchy for everybody. If I thought in my heart it was the end of days why not get wasted and steal a car shoot some innocent people and make myself king of my block with superior fire power. I of course do not condone these actions, yet this misinformation about the year 2012 has made these actions plausible. If you decide to take the 2010 scenario as a joke remember it wasn't too long ago when we thought people could cast spells and then where burned at the stake for being witches and warlocks. How is this for an equation stupied people plus fear equals a bad scenario.
I can see the bumper stickers now "Guns don't kill people 2010 kills people".
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I think that everyone has there own opinion on 2012 but i don't think that just because your a scientist people need to believe you, we are all human, no one is perfect.
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The closest thing to the world ending in 2012, will be a riot. If people think the world is gonna end then they will do whatever they want. If you think about it, they think they won't be punished. But the world will not end in 2012. So if a riot does happen, they will be all punished. You think about this though. If people think the world will end then they will do whatever they want.
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The truth of the matter is is that anybody's world can end on any given day through death. Lets worry about today and be thankful each and everyday to be alive. Accept Christ as your savior through him we defeat death. We all still have to die but we are given eternal life through him and his sacrifice at the cross. Fear not.
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You know what, I don't really see how a few numbers can suddenly tell you the end of the world. What if this is all made up? Not to doubt this story or anything, but when I searched "the world will not end in 2012," I was not expecting to get another date. And why does 2012 suddenly receive all the hype? They made a movie about it, wrote countless articles on the subject, and even got millions of people to believe it. Why should we go around worrying so much about the end of the world? Who do we think we are to go around telling everybody that the world will end on a certain date? Let's not scare little kids into thinking their world will end before they finish first grade, or anybody for that matter. You see, why should we even try to predict the unpredictable ways of Mother Nature? We have no control over it, so let's hope it doesn't end soon.
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To whom it may concern:

You are putting out the wrong information, because the Bible states, Only God knows that date. I hope Father makes, all that are putting out dates, look like the fool's that they are.

From One-Being, that is a part of the real, Body of Jesus Christ.
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Wow...WWJD...HTHWIK???? or you either.

I thought the 2012 date was the end of the long count, nothing more, nothing less. It might be the end of a lot of the BS we have going on. Maybe it will be the dawning of a new age.

If it's gonna end, why worry.
..what you were planning to hide somewhere????
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