Danish Cartoonist Hid in Panic Room During Home Attack

When Danish political cartoonist Kurt Westergaard was attacked at home by an ax-wielding man, he didn't lock himself in the bathroom - instead, he utilized the panic room:

Westergaard took his 5-year-old granddaughter into the "panic room" when he realized what was happening, Chief Superintendent Ole Madsen said.

Westergaard, who has been threatened for drawing cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad, is ordinarily accompanied by bodyguards when he leaves his home, but nobody was on guard at the house Friday, the Security and Intelligence Service told CNN.

And you thought that the 2002 movie Panic Room by Jodie Foster and Forest Whitaker was just Hollywood non-sense: Link (Photo: AFP)

Uh-oh, awaiting the not so kind messages about a particular religion.

Anyhoo, people should know in this day and age NOT to do anything remotely considered offensive to the religion of Islam. Doesn't matter if it is unfair or not, that is the reality in this world, so live with it. The director of the recent disaster movie 2012 was a genius for choosing not to depict the natural destruction of Mecca.
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We created a mini panic room for one of our cats - a tiny runt who was being intermittently harassed and cuffed by the alpha male of the house. We got one of the large plastic storage bins from Walmart and cut a small hole that only she can fit through. When he gets aggressive, she scoots into the panic room and he can only beat on the outside of the bin in frustration.
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Yes, stand up... somehow.

Honestly, this is all a lot of nonsense. I understand the ax wielding haters about as much as I understand all the racial backlash. What about the Christian fundamentalists who killed Dr. Tiller after years of terror and attempted murder? A fundamentalist is a fundamentalist is a fundamentalist. I somehow manage not to live in fear of my mother, a church going Christian.
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Don't do anything to offend Sharia law--does that include being gay, wearing anything less than a full burqa, going out without a male chaperone, educating our girls, worshipping any other religion or no religion at all?
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the cartoonist is wrong for creating such cartoons, but the attacker was VERY wrong for the attack, you shouldn't insult an entire religion but you also shouldn't attack someone who does...
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Oh no, they drew Muhammad... I guess that means it's ok to attempt murder and burn places/things down!!

Crazy, psycho, religious fanatics using their religion to condone violence.
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No one's saying it's justified or right to kill or maim another simply because of what they wrote, represented, or stated about a religion/belief. The reality in the world though is that doing so may cause you your life. Whether it's portraying Muhammad or an abortion doctor showing his profile/home address on the internet, you just don't do it.

I don't agree with it, but at the same time I value my life. I also don't feel any need to make any such statements from the safety of my internet computer.
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I want to point out that the bastard left his five year old granddaughter with a broken leg to fend for herself in the living room while he himself went into the panic room! (The granddaughter's leg was already in a cast, and her injury was not sustained during the commotion).

The police shot the intruder twice when he tried to attack the officers later.

They wheeled him into the courtroom on a hospital bed for the arraignment hearing two days later.
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The guy left his own granddaughter behind, he is a coward.

I would not even think about insulting Jesus Christ or Bhudda or Confucius etc... Its called common decency.

The fact that he now has to hide like a dog from unseen and unknown faces everywhere is a testament to true karma. Do as you would be done by, and if you don't, deal with the consequences.
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