Snow Globe on Four Wheels

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Rachelle Brown of Houston, Texas, decorates the interior of her car with Christmas lights and fake snow. It looks so much like a snow globe that one might be inclined to pick up her car and shake vigorously. The video is from the NBC affiliate in Houston.

via Urlesque

Houston actually has a fairly vibrant art-car scene. Some may say it's hokey, but no one ever said it was for out of towners. :-) I actually have a few art cars in my neighborhood and can run by the art car museum from home (
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What the... HOW IS THIS LEGAL?
Seriously distracting to other drivers.

So... your holiday cheer is more important than keeping roads safe? I'll use that excuse next time I feel like going to a bar for new years. I'm sure if I get pulled over the cop will totally understand, cause its the holidays and I am more important than everyone else.
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"Snow Globe on Four Wheels"

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