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Quadriplegic Hunter Controls Shotgun With Breathing Tube

After a football injury at the age of sixteen, Jamie Cap became paralyzed from the neck down. Now, thirty years later, he controls a shotgun attached to his wheelchair with a breathing tube. Getting legal permission was a substantial struggle, but now he's been cleared by a court to start shooting:

Cap, 46, recently won a 2 1/2-year legal battle to allow him to use, with the help of a partner, a 12-gauge shotgun fitted with a battery-powered machine that is operated by a breathing tube.

He described firing that first shot last week with a combination of wistfulness and enthusiasm another person might use to describe rekindling a decades-old romance.

"I don't know if there are words," he said. "I'm so happy. When you find you can do something again after 30 years, you can't put a price on that. Some people think it's nothing, but try being paralyzed for 30 years and then come talk to me."[...]

Cap might not have embarked on his bureaucratic odyssey had he not found Indiana-based Be Adaptive Equipment during a random Internet search. The company, which has made wheelchair mounts for shotguns since 2002, sells about 20 per year, according to owners Brian and Renee Kyler. Cap's model cost about $1,600; a new 12-gauge shotgun starts at about $250.

For a quadriplegic, firing a shotgun requires help from a companion. In Cap's case, a friend sets up the contraption, safety on, on Cap's wheelchair and Cap aims the shotgun by moving the toggle switch with his mouth. Once his partner releases the safety, Cap fires by sipping on the breathing tube. via Geekologie | Photo: AP

Yeah. Not neat.Possibly the least neat thing ever. Way to go. You are disabled and therefore you take a gun and shoot and kill animals that have no defense. Way to go.
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I'm glad this guy can have some joy in his is life. I prefer my meat pre-killed at the grocery store, but to each his own. This is America.
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Gee....Thanks To all the idiots for labeling this person a Hunter and thus invite the wrath of other Idiots who didn't read the article like JM above.

This person is shooting at targets but here comes JM hallucinating little animals and exercising his typing balls to beat up the reputation of someone in a wheelchair who so far is only hitting targets.

Guess who is harming the defenseless now? It is YOU JM.

How does it feel to become what you despise?
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Maybe we got it wrong but the title is "Quadriplegic Hunter" not "Quadriplegic Target Shooter". So if we were wrong, please Neatorama, REMOVE OUR COMMENTS and change the title of the article
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Yeah, maybe he's just planning on shooting all the people who looked down on him for being paralyzed.

It would be pretty difficult for him to get outdoors in a real hunting environment. Although I abhor hunting, I still think it's good he got a little taste of freedom. They can't all be painters.
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"Gee....Thanks To all the idiots for labeling this person a Hunter and thus invite the wrath of other Idiots who didn't read the article like JM above."

I read the article, and the article refers to him as a hunter more than once. The only reference to a target is in the first paragraph when the reporter is describing what I would assume was a demonstration for the interview.
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However you might thing about WHAT this guy is doing, this still is a story about disabled fighting for the possibility toe keep as independent as possible in any way thinkable. And that is the road to general acceptance of disable people in our otherwise able society.

And okay so this guy "can shoot". ...Have you read how much help he still needs for each shot...? He doesn't hold a gun, he doesnt operate the gun himself- the only thing he does is aiming and in some way pulling the trigger. The holding of the gun, the loading, the releasing of the safety and then all the maintenance and so on is all done by an assistant. And aside from that- try to go out in the field silently and stealthy on a hunting trip with that whole contraption and assistance... So this regained ability hardly will make a fierce hunter or a mean killer of him. In that light- I say let him have his fun.
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Gee... dartef, seems like maybe you have some anger issues to deal with. And I did read the whole article, BTW. All I'm saying is that guns (which serve the sole purpose of killing/injuring other sentient beings) aren't really that neat. And what's even less neat is the irony of someone who lost the ability to be independent of a machine and others' assistance in order to live a basic life getting enjoyment from the opportunity to deprive another being of the same ability. Maybe you should read the whole comment before attempting to blast me for commenting. And there's no need to call names.
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Well if this guy wants to hunt, rather than shoot at targets, he would be welcome at my place. I get so sick of all these deer,and woodchucks. (he wouldn't even need a license for the woodchucks) Blast away dude, I'll take the safety switch off for you.
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If you eat meat, you're quite ignorant for being against hunting. Easy peasy to pick up a pack of burger from the grocery store. Hunting and killing a deer and turning it into steaks and burger is another thing entirely. It cultivates respect, thanks, awareness.
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You know what creates more respect? Not killing animals to eat. I have no respect for hunting/hunters. It disgusts me. And, no, I don't eat meat (or any animal product for that matter). I do this because I respect, am thankful for and am aware of life (mine and others).
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While he has not actually participated in 'hunting' yet, it sounds as if he plans to: From the article, "Cap said he planned to set up his chair on a piece of plywood in the woods or shoot from another stationary position such as a shed on a friend's property"

I'd to think that equipment/commotion will likely scare off any critters, and even if they do come around, wonder what his chances are of success?
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