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"You May Keep 40 Magic Mushrooms At Home"

The Czech government has revised and liberalized the criteria for what constitutes "small amounts" of recreational drugs for personal use.
The Czech government today approved the list of hallucinogenic plants and mushrooms, including hemp, coca, mescaline cactus and magic mushrooms, and decided that people would be allowed to grow up to five pieces of such plants and keep 40 magic mushrooms at home...

Beginning January 1 Czechs may grow up to five marijuana plants without fear of criminal prosecution, although it apparently will still be a misdemeanor.

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So when did neatorama and all the other 'interesting news blogs' decide to become the 'interesting news and ways to get high and waste your life blogs'?
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"Island" was my favorite Huxley book. (his last)

Czechoslovakian people seem pretty cool. In 1991 I met a 19 year old kid who had been involved in the "velvet revolution" when he was still in high school, and he spoke 5 languages, was bright, laid back, and liked to get high.

The first thing the Czech people did when they had a chance to vote was to elect a poet to be their leader. His autobiography is called "Disturbing the peace" by Vaclav Havel.
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great news. but not so new. this has been the case for a few years now. and althoughde jure its not the case in most of europe, it is de facto - belgium, holland, germany, france and others dont waste time on normal users. portugal, ofcourse being the most humane european country when it comes t drugpolicy. good to see things taking a ture for the better!
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There is a limit in Germany on up to how many grams a district attorney CAN put down the charge, but it rarely happens and the limit is different from state to state, it can be ZERO.

Mentioning that in one list with Holland.. sigh.
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CrypticJ and Gorf, this is actually good for mankind. Why don't you stop listening to what the DEA tells you and do some research about these drugs.
Mushrooms can help migraine sufferers and have been used for centuries for aiding personal growth.
Marijuana's medicinal properties have been touted for years and its illegalization in this country is purely absurd. Even when it it is used as a recreational drug, it is still safer for the individual and the country than alcohol being used as a drug. A recent study even came out that marijuana can help people with alcohol addictions.
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Isn't hemp a different plant than marijuana? Same genus different species? Otherwise the hemp cord you buy to make jewelry would essentially be pot in rope form. I've read that hemp is actually an anti-high when burned. Of course I just read it, and I can't remember where. Anyone know?
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I'm not sure exactly what species hemp is but originally it was one and the same as marijuana used for smoking. Now they have bred a plant that is the same but without the THC so you can smoke a dozen pairs of jeans and you won't get stoned. But back in the day you could get stoned if you smoked enough rope - I remember one of the characters in To Kill A Mockingbird smoking string.

And as for comments above from Gorf and CrypticJ - I'm always amazed at the number of people who will just listen to what the authorities tell them and us it to make their own moral decisions - why not grow up, do some reading and make your own mind up? Because evidence tells us there is no real reason for these drugs to be illegal and the fact that they are illegal does nothing to stop people taking them anyway.
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I'm not saying pot, mushrooms and whatnot should be illegal, but I'm not throwing a party because they become legal. Neither I'm opposed to the medical use of any substance, Heavens forbid. I just find the whole "getting high" business utterly idiotic. Czechs can now legally get high? Big deal.
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Yes, Gorf, it is an absolutely good thing - anything that will cause less people who do not harm others to be arrested is a good thing.

Arrest for non-violent crimes like drug possession or sale is violence. No matter what your take on drugs, less violence in the world is a good thing.

Undoubtedly, there is a risk for abuse in any drug - as in any activity (such as computer games, I know several people who have wrecked their lives with WoW and the ilk). The risk for abuse with drugs like cocaine, heroin is relatively high. I feel there is a real risk of abuse with Cannabis, too-although of course lower.

But the risk of abuse with psychedelics is low, and they offer a real possibility of personal growth and self knowledge. This is a wise decision.
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Like smoking, kids do it to rebel, and they end by screwing themselves up. They become underachievers and abuse it.

How does pot offer any more possibility of personal growth and self knowledge than alcohol?

The physical act of smoking doesn't do it - in fact, that appears to blunt your senses, and make you act stupid. Doesn't alcohol do that already?
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ted - one word, for starters alcohol is not psychedelic :) (well, go wiki this word to get more insight).

For second go and do some research about how hallucinogens work vs psychoactive drugs like ethanol or other depressants.

THEN come back and try to re-ask this question - after you have some more insight what you are talking about.
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