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Space Chair, Best Commercial Ever

The mad scientists at Toshiba are at it again.  With the help of Simon Faithful, they created not only the world's highest HD TV ad, but one of the highest ads period.  By attaching their HD cameras to a weather balloon, they sacrificed the cams to make a point.  Not only can it perform, look what we can do with it.  We can focus on a vintage chair going into space.  Beautiful results.  Wait for the balloon pop.

(YouTube Link)

Be sure to see the Making Of as well.  via todayandtomorrow

Sorry but I miss the point of why this sould be called the best commercial ever...? Ever...? We humans only just begun with this medium. And then- A boring little more than a minute of a chair that rises from the planet suspended from a balloon and that ultimately falls to pieces.

Ehhhh ...Yeah....? ...So what....?
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Depends on how you define space.

In the "making 0f" clip they talk about roughly 100.000ft or 30 kilometers. That is way below the 328083.33ft or 100 kilometers mark that is the hight that stands for the edge of space as defined by the International Aeronautical Federation and that was reached by Spaceship One to be recognised as a spaceship with a true astronaut.

But even then- I doubt if this kind of balloon could really float up to the top of the atmosphere, because- like this one does on camera- most balloons explode far below that level...
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It's cool but creatively, rather boring. It was merely a demonstration of attaching cameras to a balloon and receiving the transmission. Anyone that have access to the tools they had could do the same thing.

Speaking as a professional in the creative field, they could've done it a lot better.

But maybe this achievement will spark something even better down the road.
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Try to make one yourself that looks just as clean and heavy like this one with balsawood and then just by hand and as a One-Off- How many manhours in knowhow, modelling and fabricating will that cost? That is why that chair is so expensive.
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To the sad and jaded armchair (sorry!)spectators ppppffffffttttt!

I think its just lovely, and until you upload the fabulous video of your own comparable exploit, a second pppppffffttttt!!!!!

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