The Ultimate Holding Company, a British arts collective, offered tattoos of 100 endangered species to people who are committed to preserving them as a project they call Extinked. One hundred volunteers were chosen out of several hundred who applied to receive a tattoo. Those who made it through had written about why they deserved to be a "lifelong ambassador" for their species.
Joe Richardson, founding member of the collective, is confident that the social experiment will rouse people to action. He was surprised to see how personal the tattoos were to the volunteers, who touchingly described their relationship to their chosen species in their applications.

One woman, who worked as a conservationist and wanted a tattoo of the crested newt, burst into tears when she got to the desk only to find they had run out of applications, he says.

The demand for certain species was so high that many volunteers didn't get their first choice - but most were still keen to take part. "The idea of the permanent loss of an organism that has taken millennia to evolve is so important to many people that they still thought it was worth doing," Richardson says.

Link -via Metafilter

I have resisted the tattoo surge since it started in earnest in the early 90s, but if it would do any good for endangered species, I'd have my entire epidermis lacerated. Dammit. Of course, we're all probably beyond hope now. first we kill off everything from polar bears to crucial micro-organisms, then we follow. Cockroaches will write our epitaph... tattoo THAT on your lower back.
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I love this idea.
I hope the project will keep those participants involved for a long time. I hope all the tattooed participants will keep on joining the publicity for a long time and for may years to come.
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Heey! Where has my comment gone??? Thought I had posted one some hours ago.

Well anyhow- I like this- hope they will keep on going for a lot of publicity the coming years while they have those tattoo's.
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