Trying For Twins After 14 Children

39-year-old Sara Foss of Derby, England is already the mother of 13 children and is expecting her 14th. She says as soon as the new baby is born in April, she'll try to get pregnant again. Foss vows to keep on having babies until she has twins or triplets!
Her mammoth brood now comprises Patrick, 23, Stephen, 13, Malachai, 12, Peppermint, 11, Echo, 10, Eli, nine, Rogue, eight, Frodo, seven, Morpheus, five, Artemis, four, Blackbird, three, Baudelaire, two, and nine-month-old Voorhees.

No word yet on what number 14 will be named. Link -via I Am Bored

(image credit: Flickr user Mick 0)

WTF kind of damn mental case. And then it seems like she's getting a handout from the government. I guess their version of welfare maybe???
What a selfish ungrateful bitch. UGH.... I'm sorry I saw this posted here b/c I'm gonna be pissed for a while now.
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whoah lisa, don't go and get your panties in too much of a bunch..
I agree with what you're sayin, but jeez, take a pill.

I just lol'd at all the names.. I mean who in their right mind names a kid Morpheus? and Frodo? I mean, REALLY??????
ok, NOW I"M PISSED. lol
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Twins only happen if that gene is in the family ancestory. If she wants to have them naturally, she can forget it. She'll need fertility treatments if she wants more all at once. Look at the Gosselins and Nadya Suleman (Octomom).
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I am by no means opposed to large families, but to keep having kids because you haven't had twins? Yeah that sounds like someone with untreated mental/emotional problems. I feel sad for the other kids. They're not the coveted twins, so they're not good enough. God help them if mommy dearest gets her wish. Those twins will be idolized, and the others WILL feel it. It's not pretty when a family keeps having more and more kids only in order to get the "right" kind of kid, whether it's gender, multiples, etc. That kind of rejection can haunt you for the rest of your life.
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I thought it was a weird story and then I saw what names she was resorting to. It's neat how much weirder they get as the kids are born. If she wants twins so bad, you'd think she'd have had the perfect names picked out already- I wonder what they are...
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Seriously, Peppermint?!?!? That's the name you give to your pet mouse, and NOT your child!

Really.....when I'm finally into getting a family, two should be enough, a 3/4 chance to keep my faulty NF1 gene alive.....
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If she can afford them - fine. If she's doing it at someone else's expense, that's another matter entirely.

As for twins only appearing in families carrying a particular gene set - I'm not sure that's true. Anyone got a referrence?
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Gauldar- Amen! Those parents have great expectations for this son...! Peppermint will become one of the new Charlie's Angels. Echo will be one of the new Bunnymen later on. ...Well, Patrick and Stephen in fact will be the only ones that will be permited to lead ordinary un-assuming lives. The rest will be expected to do extraordinary things in life....

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I was once standing in line behind two chatty young ladies, one of whom proclaimed that she planned to name her firstborn son "Orlando Legolas." I thought that was the worst possible name -- but now I realize I just hadn't thought it through enough. Egad.
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When we were expecting our first child people kept asking us what we planned to name the baby. Sir Handbasket always told them "Gil-Galad if it is a boy, and Galadriel if it is a girl". I would nod in agreement. In the event we named him Tom. Winding people up is always funny.
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Skipweasel - You're right, twins are not just genetic. The older the mother and the more kids she's had already, the higher the chances that she'll have fraternal twins.
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What a selfish bitch. And how many of them will die of starvation when the idiotic mom who insisted on having twins ran out of money, or will she just kill herself before that happens?
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wow, I want to believe that this is fake just for the names on those poor kids. Patrick and Stephen, perfectly fine, Malachai and Eli aren't too bad being biblical, but the crazy names, just wow..She's giving a bad name to nerds everywhere.
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great: yet another case of tax dollars supporting a nutjob with a clown car in her pants. why don't governments set a limit on the number of children for those on welfare, and cut off benefits for those who exceed it??
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Too bad you don't need a license to breed.

Why doesn't she just give 'em away until she gets what she wants?

As for names, well, I'm sort of partial to "Dragonflye" myself...
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Sadly, if benefits are cut off to those who exceed some arbitrary "limit" of kids, the ones who will suffer are the innocent children. They didn't ask to be born, it's not their fault their parents are irresponsible morons. If you are going to offer benefits at all, you can't make it based on something like how many kids are in the family.

What if a family IS supporting their kids just fine, and then the unthinkable happens? Some massive tragedy that no one could predict or plan for? Are they disqualified from assistance just because when they WERE doing fine, they had one more kid than is deemed "acceptable?"

I am all for giving benefits in the form of tangible things like food, clothing, so that deadbeats can't use the money for drugs and alcohol, and also accountability and programs to help get people to a place where they can support themselves. But saying "We won't help your kids because there are too many of them" seems to only hurt the children. I am not prepared to go there, personally.
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Yep, still just as PO'd reading it now. I'm angry about it b/c my husband and I have been trying for a long long time now for just ONE child, and it makes me furious to read about a woman who is obviously not all there and can't just be grateful for the kids she already has. NM that she has to get government handouts to take care of all of those kids.
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While I do equate all people who decide to have large litters of children like this with crazy cat ladies, but I do question the validity of this story. It's from The Sun in the UK, a tabloid news paper which probably trying to soak up the left over awe over Octomom with Britain's own vaginal clown car, and bend a few truths along the way.
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November 24th, 2009 at 9:15 am

You can't regulate stupid. You can only hope you have to deal with it rarely."

Yeah, but she keeps increasing those odds! lol
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Zanuha - almost certainly none of them will starve - we try not to allow that sort of thing in the UK. It does happen in very rare occasions, but it takes a considerable overlap of errors to get that far.
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omg i feel so bad for those children i am not apposed to big familys but that is a bit much and now all her children have to suffer because she wants to have twins then what if she does have twins is she gonna keep going till she has triplets and can you imagine the torture and torment from their classmates kids are mean and that is just like giving them and stick and saying beat my kid i just dont see how they could grow up and keep a name like some of those
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