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Olympic Sport Suggestion: Parkour

Photo: geishaboy500 [Flickr]

Neatorama's own Johnny Cat has got the best idea concerning the Olympics that I've heard in a long time. Here it is, in his own words:

After some dull moments in beach volleyball, I realized the Games could use a little perk in athleticism, namely the greatest new sport/subversive activity: Parkour

Sure beats skateboarding. IOC, are you listening? And if you don't know what Parkour is, here's the founder performing a Super Mario Parkour [Google Video]

that'd be great if it was a sport. running around and jumping over things doesn't really qualify. athletic? yes. sport? no.
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It would be cool for sure, and it would make me actually care about watching the Olympics for more than a few minutes when I channel surf... But how do they standardize parkour across Olympic games? Set up the exact same cityscape course or playground deal every few years?
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I do not like any of the olympic games that require an element of judging. This is the same reason I wasnt a big fan of adding some of the snowboarding/skiing events even though I love to watch them. I do like boarder/skier cross because theyre strait forward races. IMO they should get rid of events like figure skating, gymnastics, half pipe, free skiing, synchronized swimming, diving etc.

I love parkour and free running but do not want to watch them in the olympics.
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Please find a copy of "Banlieue 13" (2004) and its sequel "Banlieue 13 : Ultimatum" (2009) and you will see these incredible guys Cyril Raffaelli and David Belle - the one in this youtube clip - doing incredible things.
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it's not that tough to make a sport out of it - an obstacle course with the fastest time winning - all avenues allowed and go ...
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The parkour I've seen is mostly done with movie splicing. On another note, they should remove all the events that require subjective judging. If you can't measure it or time it, then it's bull.... politics.
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And another thing. What's with swimmers getting 8 different medals for swimming 8 different ways? How about if I Hop, Skip, and Jump and then Jump, Skip, and Hop?
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Isn't parkour what James Bond did when chasing that guy in Africa in "Casino Royale?" Or was it "Quantum of Solace?" In either case, it was a really cool scene.
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Olympics are about ratings too. I can't imagine this will get the figure skating or michael phelps numbers that keep the sponsors coming. Maybe if it existed on TV and not the internet...
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Agree with the judgiung thing. How about also ditching the team sports (yawn), and tennis?
Instead introduce combat and medieval sports, like kick boxing, mixed martial arts, cage fighting, sword fighting (not fencing) and even jousting.
And just for a laugh, a Trebuchet event.
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