What Is It? Game 115

This week's collaboration with the What is it? Blog brings us this unusual scale. It has a very specific function - can you guess what it is used to weigh?

Place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please. You can enter as many guesses as you'd like. Please post no URL or web links - doing so will forfeit your winnings.

Two prizes this week: the first correct guess and the funniest but ultimately incorrect guess will win a cool ice tray from the Neatorama Shop.

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 11/13/09 - the answer is: A Reliable Automatic Dial Egg Scale and Candler, there is a light bulb in the cylinder at the right, the egg was placed on the hole and was illuminated to monitor the development of the embryo and to identify infertile eggs. The numbers represent ounces per dozen.

Congratulations to Edward who got it correct and to John the Third who made me chuckle with the "methane measurement device."

It's for measuring the length of a porn stars "unit". The tube thing on the right rotates and the "actor" inserts his unit. Then the claw thing err, gently grabs hold and stretches the appendage leftwards, and the length is read of the scale bar. The metal box is to collect any blood that may be drawn by the claw.
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A medieval version of Mousetrap, originally produced by the Papal Office for the Defense of the Faith.

You put a little heretic on the pointed end, then keep adding counterweights until he catapults into the flames on the right. The scale measures his time in purgatory.

It was very popular in Spain.
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At the risk of ending up with egg on my face, I'm going to take a "shot in the dark" and go with: a blacksmith's scale that was used to weigh hollow cannonball grenade projectiles. This tiny, rare ammunition was used in the Revolutionary War. They had to be between 16 and 40 ounces to be used (?)
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It's the Veruca Salt game produced as a tie-in with the 1971 "Willy Wonka" movie.

Players take turns moving around a board towards the goal of winning Wonka's factory. Opponents can land on a challenge space and make you place your "egg" on the scale. If the meter says you're a bad egg, your piece gets launched into the incinerator and you lose the game.
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I saw this one Antiques Road Show.

It's a cocktail holder/ashtray, specially designed for Frank Sinatra.

You place your cocktail glass in the holder in the middle. As the weight of the glass drops, the needle moves to the left, signaling a waitress or flunkie it's time for a refill -- chop chop, baby!

The ashtray on the right is designed so it can be rotated to dump the ashes.

One-of-a-kind. Valued at $12,000, at auction it sold for $23,750.
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going for broke here.

This here is a gun powder scale, and bullet press.

obviously when you're using a bullet, you don't want it to explode in your face instead of your enemies, so having just enough gun powder but not too much is really important.

Hence the use of a scale and press.
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It must be a methane measurement device. A person would kneel near the lamp and pass gas. The resulting explosion would move the scale and measure how potent the gas was.

Science isn't always pretty folks.
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This is a US Navy Strawberry De-seeder. Someone convinced the navy that eating strawberry seeds led to homosexual urges, so every ship and boat's galley in the US Navy has one of these. Unfortuately, no instructions were included and no one knows haw it's supposed to work. Despite the theory of straw-berry seed-homosexuality being debunked twenty minutes ofter it was uttered, the navy still has a contract to buy 300 of these every year, to the tune of $6,500 each.

The russians conversly use a copy of it to add seeds to their strawberrys.
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This was designed and built by the writers of 'South Park' and MIT scientists for ending quarrels about daily fecal mass totals by accurately measuring and reporting in Courics.

The added cylinder on the side is a slide gauge to estimate dry girth and peanut content.
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it's fleshlight's new design. The thing on the right is where you have your fun and there is a removable cup at the bottom that can can be used with the scale to measure the ejaculate for those who are interested. best of all it is disguised as antique from the 1700's so you can keep it out as decoration!
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Unkown to most of you fairy dust is made from fairies. For the proper amount weigh the fairy and place it in the grinder.Fairies are brittle so it only takes a few turns. 3/4 fairy dust, 1/4 vermouth, lemon zest = 3 wishes.
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Antique proton pack (predecessor to ghostbuster apparatus). After attracting the phantasm into the hole, the ghost is trapped in a white tube. The armature is attracted to the concentrated protons at the base of the tube, forcing the scale down to show how much proton energy is remaining. (It is unloaded, which is why the scale reads 0.)
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It's used to measure ground coffee beans. Or tea leaves. As an added bonus, you can make your coffee/tea with this scale thing, by putting water and your measured beans/leaves in the circular thing on the right, and then sticking a candle of something under it.

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In the shakespearean era, many people wished to correctly measure their eggs while they "watched" a show, so at the end, they can save the best eggs for the worst actor.
As an added bonus, the king never figured it out. Kept him busy.
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