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Should Chocolate Milk Be Banned?

A food fight is brewing in the school cafeteria, and this time, it's promises to be much nastier than the one that got those kids jailed:

The milk industry clearly doesn't want chocolate milk to go the way of the soda can in schools. Sure, a serving of chocolate milk has 60 more calories, but kids love it, so they'll drink more milk if it's an option instead of other sugary drinks, the campaign contends. The National Dairy Council and the Milk Processor Education Program are spending between $500,000 to $1 million to get the message across.

But no amount of money will convince people like Marlene Schwartz, deputy director of the Rudd Center for Food Policy and Obesity at Yale University, that chocolate milk needs to be in schools. She told the AP that kids get needed calcium elsewhere and do not need yet another source of sugar additives that contribute to obesity. Ann Cooper, director of nutrition services at the Boulder Valley School District in Colorado, notes in the same story that kids "happily drink white milk" when it's the only milk available at school. The "renegade lunch lady," as she calls herself, also said that the extra 40 to 60 calories on top of the 110 calories in a typical 8-ounce serving of white milk "could add up to 5 pounds of weight gain over the 180-day school year." Her district does not offer chocolate milk.

So, should schools ban chocolate milk? Will kids revolt if they did? Link

Chocolate milk is said the be the perfect after workout drink. It has a great balance of carbs and proteins. Secondly, these kids are not getting fat from school meals like parents are complaining about, it the parents that allow their kids to be fat.
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Kids need to learn how to make good decisions, and resist temptations. If we put too many artificial limits on their options, then they won't be able to make good choices when they're out on their own.

Also, 60 calories is hardly something worthy of a ban, especially for children.
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I don't mind the chocolate milk as long as that's what it actually is. Are the ingredients low-fat milk, chocolate and a small amount of sugar? Or is it a bunch of fillers, chemicals, chocolate 'flavor' and tons of sugar? Not all chocolates are equal. I eat a piece of organic dark chocolate every single day but I wouldn't touch a Hershey bar with a ten foot pole. A chocolate milk does not a fat kid make. What's important is the quality of the food and the overall diet.
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it's not 170 calories, at least not at my high school... first of all, the chocolate milk doesn't come in 8-oz servings. It comes in tiny servings that leave you thirsty (4-6 ounces?). Second, my school has fat-free chocolate milk. I don't know if the 110-calorie white milk referenced is skim, 2%, or whole, but if it's whole that means the estimate is even higher than the reality.
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Seriously, can't we just let kids enjoy their childhoods without imposing all of these unecessary dietary requirements upon them at every turn.
Moderation is a great thing to learn, and kids do need to have their diets moderated by responsible adults, but I am really tired of having two healthy young children who are forced to miss out on treats because other parents are apparently incapable of enforcing a healthy diet at home and seem to expect other authority figures to impose it for them.
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My school also offered chocolate milk only on fridays. but it was so sweet up to 1/3 of kids still choose the white 2% instead
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Ew, milk. I say ban it all, unless it's organic its full of icky growth hormones, antibiotics and who knows what else.

It's true that calcium is found in more natural sources of food, ones that do not contain such additives or sugar.

No other animal other than humans will continue to nurse from another species for all its life, it's just not natural. We will not suffer any harm if we just eat properly in the first place.
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If they didn't have chocolate milk in the schools when I went, I wouldn't have had any dairy in my diet all those four years. 60 freaking calories isn't worth freaking out over. Instead of getting rid of all of the 'bad' things in our children's diets, why not teach them moderation and self control? It's a hell of a lot more helpful than depriving them of their childhood altogether.
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BAN chocolate milk in schools? Is this a joke post?
Just feed them bread and water then. How about instead of banning something that could be bad for you in excess, teach the children how to make decisions. My cafeteria had ALL sorts of junk food when I was growing up. In fact my favorite meal was pizza and french fries on Fridays. It didn't matter though because I was taught how to eat right and I went outside and played!
Banning chocolate milk is like prohibition for kids. If they have bad habits, they'll just go get their fix somewhere else.
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When I was in school we used to smuggle chocolate drink mix in anyway.

My son, who's always been underweight should be able to supplement his calories with chocolate milk. He normally picks healthy choices otherwise. He loves salads. I think I may just pack his lunch instead. I'd rather he had a warm lunch.
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Not just chocolate milk, but all dairy milk should be banned. It is unnatural and inhumane for humans to drink the infant formula of another species.
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I think they should ban everything even remotely tasty, because no one ever in the history of the world has ever desired that which they cannot have.
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