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The Secret of Eating Chicken Wings

After all these years of eating chicken wings, it turns out that I've been doing it all wrong! Chef John of Food Wishes reveals the secret of eating a flat wing: Hit play or go to Link

I don't understand the appeal of wings. Why do people want to specifically buy the boniest part of the chicken with the least meat? If I buy a chicken I'll accept that it comes with two wings, but I'd never say "Give me 12 wings please."
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What a moron- Telling us how to eat this food CORRECTLY ... Come On!!! Just do it however you like and enjoy as long as you eat all the meat! No man's gonna prescribe or dictate me how I should eat my food...... Get outta here....!!!
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I have always eaten them this way. I usually just bite off the big end and pull out the bone with my teeth. Then after that just eat the wing. BTW Publix Hot Wings are awesome.
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This guy thinks he's so clever or something. I came up with this way of eating chicken wings on my own when I was a kid, and I do it in a much cleaner fashion than this 'chef'.
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I think this is great. I don't eat wings very often, but when I do, I will try this method out!

Now I need to post a tutorial on how to eat crab legs (specifically snow crab legs), no picks or forks are needed! I have it down to an art...
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Also, wings are awesome. Screw you all who whine about fat and blah blah. Stick to your soy blocks and rocket salad.

"Ooh! it has Flax! and probiotics! do! do! do! I'm a snooty douche who loves scanning through nutritional information lists with my box frame glasses when I'm shopping at whole foods while holding a cup of starbucks and listening to my wussy indie music on my iphone. I also have a long stick shoved way up my butt so I can actually look more like a snooty douche when I walk around."
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Wow that's ridiculous. The hands-down easiest way to eat them is to put the wing into your mouth directly and strip the meat right off with your teeth. Not sideways like a cob of corn. The meat between the bones always pops up and out. Sheesh.

If you need two hands to eat a chicken wing, you're doing it wrong.
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lol you guys are hilarious! :)

I'll definitely give this a go next time I'm chowing down on some wings. I wonder if it will work with fried wings...
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Hey, mister A, after I eat my free range bison soup I'm going to go for a 17 mile bike ride, finish the loop in
less then an hour, curl 68 pounds in 3 sets of 8 reps, and then laugh at your silly flabby ass.
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Let me add to the above comments (all of which are true and correct) that this method and all other "easy" ones depend on the wings being "correctly cooked". Tasty, juicy, plump wings sometimes require gnawing.
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wow. there is so much animosity on this comment thread! its just wings people! jebus. and i didnt think this guy sounded snotty at all, he's just helpin people out. RELAX. save your anger for some post about global warming or something... sheesh.
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Samlive you haven't read other threads? This is tame by comparison.

I actually find it kind of odd to eat chicken wings without gnawing at the bone. It's kind of like why I don't eat those 'boneless chicken wings' they serve at some eateries. I just like the feel of chewing the meat off the bones. I never considered it a hassle to do that, that's all.
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I also do the "bite at one end and strip it down with my teeth" works better Imo. One handed chicken wingin for the win.
Instructions on how to eat ANYTHING though is retarded.
Eff off and take your special methods with you.
A chicken wing is pretty lowbrow, it needs no special instructions. I suppose this guy also has a special word he came up with for "his" method(named after himself of course) and an Autobiography called "Mr.Manners book of Wing".
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Those wings looked yummy!! Love chicken, wings, breasts, thighs whatever. So good.

Anywho, I usually find that part he was tlaking about in the video and just pull the 2 bones apart from eachother. No twisting or anything, just yank them suckers apart and enjoy the tastey meat.
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This method would be considerably messier were the wings properly sauced, like you would find at Anchor Bar or Duff's.

Buffalo Wings are the only reason to bother with that part of the chicken.
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Mitch I want to smack people like you in the face. But you could probably beat me up since you're so big and strong. What with me being 100 lbs and you having the free range bison soup and all.
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