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Neatorama Update October 2009: Huffington Post and Interview with Technorati

Just a couple of updates:

10 Neatest NY Inventions Over at HuffPo
I wrote an article titled 10 Neatest New York Inventions Ever that got frontpaged at the Huffington Post. For example, whoddathunk that Jell-O (OK, OK, gelatin desert) was invented in New York?

Not satisfied with having built the first American locomotive and running for president (for the Greenback Party ticket), industrialist Peter Cooper decided to try his hand in desserts. In 1845, he patented the formula for powdered gelatin.

You may not know the name "Peter Cooper," but I bet you've heard of what his invention later became known as. That's right. Jell-O.

Link - Thanks David!

Technorati State of the Blogosphere Interview
In addition to a completely new article-based front page and a new way to calculate the ranking of Technorati Top 100 Blogs, Technorati has just finished releasing their annual State of the Blogosphere 2009 report. Tucked in between all the interesting statistics and interviews with Internet heavyweights like Arianna Huffington, Seth Godin, Mathew Ingram, Simon Mackie, Andrew Breitbart, and Dean Takahashi, is little ol' me.

Many thanks to Eric Olsen who conducted the interview and tolerated me being a rambling doofus and butchering the English language (and is that how I sound like? OMG!). We talked about the Neatorama Shop, how Neatorama grew, the blog's counter-intuitive strategy of reducing pageviews, Neatorama's statistics and so on and so on for about 23 minutes:

Pretty neat interview! Especially the parts where they screwed up the video and had you both talking at once. I know that didn't happen in real time.

So what is this about displaying all the comments on the main page? And how do I do it?
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That was fascinating!

I fully agree with you about putting everything on one page. On slower computers slideshows and other features that require click-through are really irritating. And irritating one's customers is a bad idea.

The background to your video was...odd. Not what I expected. I was expecting bats, black curtains, human brains in jars -- that kind of thing. Surely Neatorama ad revenue is sufficient to provide for a properly-equipped mad scientist laboratory.
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@Miss C - scroll to the bottom, then select the checkbox that says "Show Comments." Because of caching, it may take a while before the comments show up in the front page.

@John Farrier - that's just the office. We keep the good stuff in the Neatodungeon :)
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