Weird Images of Yore: Black and WTF

Image from Foxtongue [Flickr]

The next time you get a bunch of WTF pictures on a viral email, remember this: human's propensity for making weird (and weirdly wonderful) pictures predates the InterWeb. Take a look at these strangely compelling black and white images of yore over at Black and WTF tumblr blog: Link - Thanks Matt!

Tim... that is not Fatty Arbuckle. Also if you read anything about the whole rape scandal he was completely exonerated and even issued an apology for the way he was treated throughout the death of Virginia Rappe. As far as him chewing "parts off of one unfortunate woman."... where the hell did you get that? I think you need to read even a short biography on him. You are WAY beyond misinformed.
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Troll much? maybe you better read something other than wiki. Several books about him are available, and he wasn't exonerated, 2 mistrials and then a walk so as to not waste any more time or money on the case.
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I'm still waiting for a reference from you... Not a troll... and not reading wikipedia... since my major is in anthropology and an undergraduate minor in folklore from Indiana University Bloomington... That kind of thing is right up my alley. But hey I guess I'll just take "Tim's" word for it instead.
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Is it that hard for some people to say "oops I was mistaken" It cracks me up when someone is so obviously wrong and they choose to double down by using ad hominem attacks.
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