Hitler Flummoxed by "Balloon Boy" Hoax

Adolph Hitler's "outburst" scene from the 2004 film "Der Untergang" ("Downfall") is an excellent example of how a cultural event can go "viral" as an internet meme.  Because the original film was in German, complicated overdubbing is not required; creation of a parody can be achieved by the simple expedient of superimposing fake subtitles.

Dozens of such videos can be located with a quick search of YouTube, including ones in which Hitler reacts to sporting events, computer problems, Obama, Palin, Brett Favre, losing his home to foreclosure, the use of the term "grammar Nazis," and even the existence of the parodies themselves.  The most recent example, embedded above, has him ranting about another meme - the "balloon boy" hoax.


Some days, I find myself wondering if "Hitler Gets Angry" videos will ever stop being funny. Then I decide that they probably won't.
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One wonders how long a joke can be dragged out in a video until it just becomes stupid. I calculated this one to be around the one-minute mark.
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Hitlers dead and so should this crappy video... and all the text overlays.. c'mon people be innovative not repetitive..

this was funny the first time I saw one of these videos ... and only the first time... now it just a tired old joke that won't die...

Like George W'a... wha'? too soon?
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65 years: the approximate amount of time it takes for a cultural icon of evil to be an acceptable butt of a joke. And to think, it took connecting him to Clinton to get it started.
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This is considered "neat" - a tired old video meme done to death last year on a flash-in-the-pan story that will probably be forgotten before the year is out?
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