Top Ten A.I. Characters (redux)

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A long time ago they were called robots.  That rather pedestrian term evolved into android, droid, cyborg, and artificial intelligence, among others.  Plenty of movies have featured them in one fashion or another, and Unreality’s Madison cobbled together the ten best, with Blade Runner’s Roy Batty coming in at number 5.
Roy Batty, quite simply, is a bad, bad dude.  As leader of the Nexus-6 replicants, Batty is a combat model used for military battles, and so his speed, strength, and combat skills are far beyond those of a human being.  He also has a genius level intellect, which he employs to torment Deckard.  He eventually shows empathy for Deckard, though, and Batty himself appears to be more human than the humans who sought out to have him destroyed.

Find out which cinematic circuit board made the top of the list.

Link (updated link has blasted malware worm away, all should be well).

Update 10/18/09 by Alex - delinked. The malware is in Unreality Mag's ad server. There's a rogue ad rotating amongst regular ads. Pls keep this delinked and do not remove/repost. Thanks!

The malware is in Unreality Mag's third party ad server - it's a rogue ad in rotation with regular ads, so you don't always see it, but if you visit Unreality Mag often enough, you'll find it.

Basically it's a pop up that automatically redirects you to a Virus Doctor website. The website will perform a fake scan that will always reveal a fake infection (viral/malware/unauthorized intrusion, etc) and will solicit you to buy a software (Virus Doctor) that can remove these infections. Unfortunately, the only malware is actually the Virus Doctor itself.

Bleepingcomputer has more info about the rogue antivirus Virus Doctor here.

Even if you ctrl-alt-del out of the browser or do a hard shut down, the next time the browser opens up, it will try to restore the session and the malware's fake scan will pop up again. Instead, start a new browsing session.

Regardless, you can/should run an anti-malware/anti-spyware scan (like Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware freeware available at CNET) regularly.
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Use firefox with AdblockPlus, Nothing runs that you don't approve first. I never get redirects, and it also will give a red screen with "known attack site" if you click a link.
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Yikes, I think I might have gotten infected with something on my computer, but I downloaded Malwarebyte's Anti-Malware and it seemed to clean it up. If any of y'all got infected, I would download that.
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So, um, who was #1? Btw, I'll take the Firefox + AdBlock solution on a WinXP laptop. Seriously, no viruses or BSoDs in 4 yrs of ownership @ 1/5 - 1/3 the cost of a mac laptop.
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OK, then.... let's make our own list. Off the top of my head, here are some iconic AIs.

-- Roy Batty, 'Bladerunner'.
-- R2D2, 'Star Wars'
-- David, 'A.I.'
-- HAL, '2001'
-- Robby, 'Forbidden Planet'
-- Maria, 'Metropolis'
-- The Gunslinger, 'Westworld'
-- Data, 'Star Trek'
-- The Wives, 'The Stepford Wives'
-- The Terminator, 'The Terminator'
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Kalel, that's a fine list, especially The Gunslinger. Their list only had four of yours, and hopefully the link can be fixed soon so ya'all can read the reasons for their picks. HAL was number one, btw.
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I had Colossus on my list, but had to keep the list to ten. But certainly Colossus embodies everything we fear about Artificial Intelligence dominating mankind... while at the same time, he represents what we want MOST from Articial Intelligences: To be cared for.


Colossus gives a fascinating speech at the end of the movie, noting that under his rule, all we are giving up is our pride, and that in time, we will come to love and defend him.

I think he's right.
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And I have to say, I think the Terminator owes much to the Gunslinger -- the image of the absolutely cold and relentless killing machine.
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