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Jell-O and the Kewpies

This post at The Future of the Cookbook tells how Jell-O became “America’s Most Famous Dessert,” before it was even familiar! Jell-O's early promotional advertising included recipes, recommendations from doctors, and adorable kewpies. Link -via Everlasting Blort

Gelatin is made from the boiled bones, skins and tendons of animals. See:
Otherwise, it's just sugar and water when prepared.
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I loooooove Jell-O.
That and Canada Dry are essentials for when I'm sick.

However, don't eat Jell-O when your stomach-sick, as it is actually not very easy to digest.
Stick to the BRAT diet when you're sick.
(Jell-O is under the avoid section)
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re: earl

Waste not, want not! :)

Also, does everyone realize why Elmer's Glue has a cow for a mascot? Because it used to be made out of boiled hooves. (Nowadays they use chemicals. Which are probably safe.)
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Hello, new poster, On Monday a website called New Shelton wet/dry crashed, their server broke down completely. All the posts between August 2008- present are no longer available online or anywhere else, the Internet Archive luckly saved the posts from 2006- July 2008 so this awesome blog's posts weren't all together lost.

The reason I'm posting this is obvious, attention Alex, the administrator didn't make a backup of his website, and today bulit New Shelton wet/dry from scratch and began posting again.

As a Neatorama freak (I've been following this site since 2006) please Alex, make a backup of all the posts on this site, because if you haven't then all the awesome posts on Neatorama will be lost, you never know if you'll be able to recover a website after a crash, New Shelton found out the hard way.

If you don't believe me, just check the posts from you and others which link to posts on New Shelton, the information will not be there!

Please make a backup of the entire website of Neatorama, don't let the same thing happen to this website, the internet is beccoming more boring and less creative by the day, we need websites like Neatorama!

Sincerely Andrew from LV

(I'm sorry for going off topic, but I didn't know how to contact Alex directly)
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Jello is also made from pig hoofs and bones. Not very kosher.

When I was getting over the measles back in the dark ages before the mmr, ice cream was my favorite but Jello was good too.
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Is no one else disturbed by the quotes around "getting over?" Is that little girl in the final throes of death and seeing tiny little cherub men feeding her jello?
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Kewpies have always been in m life, my parents had kewpie bride & groom on their wedding cake!
every time I was sick ( I had double pppneumonia 4 times) I ate Jell-o and played with my kewpie dolls!Wish I had cut out the Kewpie ads! I loved them.
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