Archive for October 17th, 2009

Jell-O and the Kewpies

This post at The Future of the Cookbook tells how Jell-O became “America’s Most Famous Dessert,” before it was even familiar! Jell-O's early promotional advertising included recipes, recommendations from doctor...

Eye Candy

I wasn't all that impressed with these swirling colors until I started playing with the sliding controls. You can change the size of the colored splotches, the amount of blur, the color change rate, and other dimensi...

Hello Kitty Guts

If you've ever wondered what's inside Hello Kitty, we now know there's a Valentine-shaped heart with a little bow as well as lungs that look at you and cute little intestines. Of course. Designer Dr. Romanelli made t...

Death by Plastic

Chris Jordan has previously created art pieces utilizing garbage and junk to emphasize the role of consumerism in modern society. For his most recent project he has photographed the carcasses of albatrosses on Midway Is...


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