Port-A-Pint Portable Beer Glass

Port-A-Pint Portable Beer Glass - $7.95

Don't go unprepared to your next party. Forget those clumsy disposable cups, bring your own portable beer glass. The Port-A-Pint Beer Glass pops open in seconds with a flick of your wrist. From the Neatorama Shop: http://shop.neatorama.com/product-info.php?portapint-beer-glass-pid571.html

Yep I had one years ago that leaked too; plus, why is it a portable beer glass and not just a portable drinks container? Oh yeah, beers sexy and makes you cooler!
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Yep, I had one in the 80s when I was like 8 years old. It wasn't for beer, and it wasn't clear, and you certainly couldn't use it to hold any kind of liquid for any extended amount of time. As one of the posters above said, you could use it to grab a quick glass of water, anything else and you'll have a sticky mess in your pocket. From the cup, sicko.
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I had one of these in the 60s. Carried it with me everywhere. This is when Coke machines had glass bottles that were visible. Would take a bottle opener and open the bottle while it was still in the machine.
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