Bladeless Fan by James Dyson

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A stylish new fan has been creating a buzz in the world of technology. 

In this clip, inventor/engineer James Dyson, famous for his vacuum cleaners (you may have seen his commercials with his vacuum that can round corners), introduces his latest product, the bladeless air multiplier fan.  It uses a system of low pressure area and suction device in the bottom to create a smooth, continuous flow of air.

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Geekazoid.

The Dyson handdriers are amazing. I first encountered them in the toilets of a London train station. You can see the skin on your hands being pushed around by the air stream, and your hands get dry in seconds.
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"A turbine is in the body of the fan. A turbine spins. It has blades. This fan still has blades."

Your wireless router has wires in it... Parents know what "bladeless fan" means to little fingers.
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I never realised the Rotork Sea Truck was one of his. I had a go in one, once. Smashing thing provided you don't shut the throttles too suddenly at speed and get swamped as the wash overtakes you through the rear windows.
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I totally agree about the hand driers. They have them at the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago. It took a time or two to get the method exact but I wish everywhere had them.
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He reinvented nothing, the technology for this has been around for quite some time. Only difference is that he made a consumer product out of it. That, however, is not reinventing something, it's simple application of technology and some industrial design.
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I'm with automan. If it were priced at $69.99, I'd think about it. I'd like to see an instructable on this, if it really produced smooth airflow.
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This guy is in the business of selling overpriced stuff to suckers. Not that I have a problem with that, if you're dumb enough to buy his snake oil then that's your problem and good luck to Mr Dyson. A fool and his money etc.

It's clever, sure, but it's an "invention" that nobody needs. A conventional fan works fine and costs a fraction of the price.
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Anyone who thinks their hand dryers are good hasn't seen an elderly person (or anyone else with mild to moderate muscular control issues) trying to keep from smearing their hands all over the inside.

Hasn't seen a person in a wheelchair who can't reach up, over, and in to the device to actually use it.

Hasn't seen a small child walk out with wet hands.

Hasn't considered that they're set up for "average" height people and nobody else.

Really, I don't understand how their hand dryers even got off the drawing board, much less purchased.
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My wife and I found these hand dryers in a public highway rest stop in Canada. They're insanely loud.

It later shocked me that a highway rest stop had these considering their price. Even moreso since each bathroom had 4.
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dangnabit man thats mighty fine i b wishin i had that shit damn man sweetness I need me a bladeless fan so I can get some air in this house man...its hotter than the devils ballsack in this joint...hotdog!
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In return:
* Could the kid even reach the tap to get his hands wet?
* Tissues are usually available adjacent to the hand dryer machine.
* wheelchairs user will have dedicated facilities to suit.
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