The 10 Greatest Books Adapted Into Movies

Here’s a list sure to spark debate. Which is better, the movie or the book? Usually one is much better than the other. With the ten books and movies listed here, it’s all a matter of opinion because both the book and the movie are classics. Still, I will always recommend reading the book before seeing the movie. Link [possible malware alert @ link - go there at your own risk]

The link provided sent off warnings from my security software that the site is a known location of serious mal software.

All be very careful when visiting.
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I was sad not to see The Princess Bride. It's one of my favorite movies, and it was quite true to the book (as true as it could be, given the time constraints).
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Hey Guys,

We really apologize for those ads and we've spent the last month personally combing through our ad codes trying to remove them and now they're back. I can assure you that there is no malware or virus and the ads are simply an awful re-direct ad campaign gimmick that is trying to get people to download some ridiculous anti-virus software.

Not that it makes it any better and it sucks when ad networks turn a blind eye to the ads they serve on your site and damage the brand you work hard to build. We are terminating all of our current ad networks and signing on with a new network next week that personally monitors all ads served on your site so that none of those ridiculous ads are served on Super Tremendous ever again.

Thanks for bearing with us and you're right... A Clockwork Orange should've made the list.

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I've noticed that adapatations of children's books lately haven't been very successful. The Narnia series appears to have shrivvled up. Inkheart doesn't look like it's going to have the sequels made, likewise Northern Lights/Golden Compass.

I suspect that the kids who love the books find the films rather hollow and those who haven't read the books can't understand what's going on.
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I advise the opposite, watching the movie then the book. I've found that both are enjoyable this way. It's like the book is some super extended special edition of the movie. When I read the book first, the movie then seems chopped, you get disappointed that such and such scene isn't in there and why is that actor playing that character and on and on and the whole experience is diminished.
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i second A Clockwork Orange (despite the missing final chapter).

and i second Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas.

two of my all time favorite books and movies. the latter being as good of an adaptation as i have ever seen. like watching the visions of my mind while reading the book projected on screen.

also, a note on Cuckoo's Nest. i read the book after having seen the movie and i was just dumbfounded when i realized the book was told from the chief's perspective and not R.P.'s. that aspect i think really helped in the differentiating of the two works and strengthened them both.
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I just read "The Road" in anticipation of the movie coming out. Great book, though since I'd already seen the trailer I kept picturing Viggo Mortnesen as the Man, not totally a bad thing.
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My husbands computer is now inoperable because of clicking on that link.. beware!!!! I have a computer tech working on it right now and we cant trace the virus. This sucks!!!
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