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Bullet Impacts in Super-Slow Motion

(YouTube Link)

This 10-minute video shows the impact of bullets on various targets at 1 million frames per second. It was made by Werner Mehl, an engineer noted for his development of high-speed photography:

Germany’s Werner Mehl is the talented engineer who created the PVM-21 infrared chronograph, in many respects the most sophisticated ballistic speed-measuring system currently available to the general public. Werner runs a company, Kurzzeitmesstechnik, which specializes in high-tech ballistic measuring systems and ultra-high-speed photography. Werner has engineered camera and lighting systems that can literally track a bullet in flight, millimeter by millimeter, with eye-popping resolution. Werner employs digital cameras that record up to 1 million frames per second, with effective shutter speeds as fast as 1.5 nano-seconds. The videos produced by Werner’s systems are amazing. Below are two short samples. The first shows a 7mm bullet penetrating cardboard. Note you can clearly see the engraving of the rifling on the bullet.

Link via Hell in a Handbasket | Werner Mehl's Website

I would have thoroughly enjoyed the video if not for the giant watermark. Trying to watch everything happening behind it while it remained stationary was not only annoying, but straining, and now my eyes feel funny. Cool video, though. Thanks, neatorama!
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Love the choice of music it took the surrealism of this video to another was hypnotizing to say the least. Oh, and a quick question what kind of bullet was that they used at 4:29? The flat headed one? Never seen a bullet like that before.
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Specifically a wadcutter pellet. The diabolo term is applied to all pellets with that wasp-waisted shape - the back is hollow which allows the skirt to flare out to seal the bore properly and also helps by keeping weight forward of the centre of drag to improve stability. You can get domed, pointed and even hollow nosed, as well as flat fronted.

The flat-fronted variety are used to punch very clean holes in paper targets to reduce ambiguity when scoring. As you can see from the film - they work, too!
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So, now I know from slo-mo-close-up what the bullets do that I shoot with.

What amazes me from the clips where you see the same kind of shot over and over again (like where they hit a bullet from the side, or where ty hit an edge with the half of the bullet) is that nowadays they can control a shot so accurately as they do.
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