America’s Most Annoying Phrase

A recent poll asked Americans what the most annoying phrase they’ve heard is, and 47% of respondents answered “whatever”. It is believed that this is the actual phrase they found annoying, and not just a dismissive response to the question.
Other candidates for most irritating phrases: "you know" netted 25 percent of the vote; "it is what it is" got 11 percent; "anyway" got 7 percent; and "at the end of the day" ended the day with 2 percent.

Some geographic tendencies also emerged. "Whatever," for example, is more loathed in the Midwest - where it annoys 55 percent of respondents - than it is in the Northeast, where it bothers 35 percent.

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When arguing with my mother, at the end of debating an issue she always ends it with "Well...", as if she had a responce to my argument that proved her right.
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How about "lookit".... it's NOT a word. I get angry enough when kids use it (I'm a mom of two boys.. and they know never to use that phrase).. but it pisses me off to no end when ADULTS use it when talking to their kids. Anytime I hear it come out of a parents mouth.. I want to go over to whoever has said it, smack them upside their ignorant heads and thank them for teaching their child how to sound as as dumb as they do.
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Gauldar, my mom does the same thing! She also sticks "and here" in her sentences and she doesn't need to! Example, "I was walking through the store and here I found this blah blah blah..." And here this, and here that. Ugh! It doesn't seem bad in this one sentence, but trying having a conversation and hearing that in every other sentence.
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"Whatever" and "Talk to the hand" get my vote. If you're going to be that rude, an equally rude or moreso response is expected. "My bad" also sucks. It's just lazy form.
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My friend, who teaches middle school, cannot convince many of his kids that "fidna" is not a word.

"I'm fidna leave." "I'm fidna go get some lunch."

He asks, "You mean you're 'fixing to'?"

"No," they respond, "fidna!"

They even write it that way. True story.
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