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The Only Known Video of Anne Frank

(YouTube Link)

The only known video images of Holocaust victim and diarist Anne Frank have been circulating YouTube. Lisa Gutierrez writes in the Kansas City Star:

The 21-second, black-and-white video, filmed on July 22, 1941 about a year before Anne and her family went into hiding, shows the front of an Amsterdam apartment building where Anne and her family lived.

Nine seconds into the film you can see a brief glimpse of Anne, age 13, leaning out of a second-floor window trying to catch a glimpse of her next-door-neighbor who just got married.

The authenticity of this film has been verified by the Anne Frank Museum. via Ace of Spades HQ

Anne Frank was not a "Holocaust Survivor" She died at Bergen-Belsen. Check your facts neatorama...that was sloppy. Someone obviously doesn't know much about Anne Frank. At least watch the movie, that's easy enough isn't?
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Poor Minnesotastan thought he just had this post that could be laughed off a bit. -And then he gets the kind of responses that makes him think ooooooooooh sh@*...! - Let's remove this one FAST and replace it by .....Anne Frank.....! :-D
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Hector, that joke would make more sense if my mind didn't immediately reject the fact that Anne Frank would get anything for christmas.

Do recall, however, that they did exchange channukah gifts while in hiding. Jokes are better when they don't create such immediate dissonance, unless it's absurdist humour, which this isn't.
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Wes - I'm pretty sure when I clicked the link that YouTube didn't load film into a projector. The article mentions "filmed" and "film" so I think "video" can be used to refer to what we're viewing. But we're both probably splitting hairs...

With that said, I hope your observation isn't the only thing that touched you from this story/post/blog/article/etc.
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To me these moving images of Anne Frank are somewhat like if they would somehow have moving images of Jeanne D'Arc or some other mythical woman from History- Just incredible that these pics exist at all.

Still - Pity that the Ahmadinejad topic dissapeared... ;-)
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Oh and one other thing-

On one side I find these moving pic's utterly chilling and that is why I laugh them away a bit:

These buildings and appartments still exist.
Ever since Anne Frank stood there all unaware that this Doom lurked in her future, other children have stood there just like her. In my youth, it could haqve been my sister and me that stood just a few blocks and balconies away to look at some event down on the street.

This girl stood there unaware of coming death in a country and a city that at that time still were rather safe.

Similar situations happened later in Kosovo and other places.
Like this could happen to any child at any time...

I find that chilling to the bone.
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@PNutty - Unless you've been to the Louvre, the only images you've seen of the Mona Lisa are photographs. That doesn't make the Mona Lisa a photograph; it's still a painting. The images of Anne Frank above are film images.

Yes, YouTube shows you a video version, but referring to the medium in question as "the only known ..." clearly references the original, which would be film. (Again, using the comparison above, if someone had found a painting of Anne Frank, it would not be referred to as the "only known photograph" simply because it appears on Flickr.)

Yes, it may be pedantic, but in writing, it's often necessary to be so in order to be clear.
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By the way, this version, posted by the Anne Frank House, is much clearer, especially when viewed in high quality:
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This is really old news neatorama.

They already showed this footage in the Anne Frank Remembered documentary that came out in 1995.

The movie was shot before she went into hiding.
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