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The 15 Ugliest Cars Ever Made

Car design has gotten a lot more uniform and bland over the years, so it's tough to find any truly outrageously ugly cars of late. Which is a shame as the ugly cars of old had tons of character and added to our shared experience. How many people who grew up pre-90's don't have a tale of their first hideously ugly car? Take the VW Thing:

This compact SUV started official production in 1969 and continued civilian sales through 1980. Designed for German soldiers during the war, the first prototype continued to be improved upon, eventually resulting in this Jeep-like car. Probably one of the safest and most reliable vehicles on this list, that doesn’t stop the VW Thing from being one of the ugliest.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by redsfaithful.

Not a great list at all, I agree that the Thing, & 2CV shouldn't be on the list, it's also missed off the Austin Allegro & Austin Ital, the Trebant, Lada Niva, & some dreadful 70's Peugeots, Fiats and Renaults.
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The Allegro was ugly! The saloon lacked a bit, but the estate was rather attractive.
The exact model and colour of the one I had. It was unfailingly reliable, had loads of room inside for a small car outside, was comfortable, economical and, like many 70s cars, went to an early grave through tinworm.

The potshot at the Yugo is a bit unfair, too - it was a Fiat 127, wasn't it? Yugo bought the entire production line.

I think a lot of them suffer from a) being designed a long time ago when ideas were different and b) the "Make it different but not too different" mindset.
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The Pacer ugly??? Mán to me back then that was The Future getting reality!And the Mustang II ugly...? Compared to most European cars, this car at least looked like it had some balls and muscles!
And then the PT-Cruiser? All the arguments that are given here just point at smugness frowm the writer...
The MB-G ugly...? Then where are the Hummer and the Defender especially the ummer that is 10 times more pug-ugly than the MB-G...?
And the 2-CV- Come Ón...! That is One Cute car if there ever was...!- What is wróng with that writer???
The VW--- As already mentioned- It was not meant to have beauty. So why hide when you would ride in it? Or is the writer some Metro-Fairy that just hás to have the látest in mobile beauty-fashion to match with his fashionable shoes and jeans and his haute-couture hairdo......? Oh- Yuck what a Creep...!
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No, that list sucks.... it doesn't have those absolutely AWFUL box cars that are on the road now. I have no idea what they're called, but they're basically gigantic rectangular toddler toy cars. They look ridiculous but yuppies seem to love them.
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Seriously... who made this?!?!?

the citroën 2CV? ugly? and the mercedes G? wtf. one of the best cars ever!!! timeless design.

multipla should be 1st!
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