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1987 Dating Video

This completely hilarious montage of circa 1987 video dater men was featured on Boing Boing yesterday, and as one commenter mentioned, the guy at 3:34 was a dead ringer for Seth Green.  Upon second viewing, I noticed that the guy at 2:27 looks and sounds like Seth Rogen.

That got me thinking.  Is the Seth Green guy really Seth Green, filmed recently?  Slipped into a montage of real 87 vid-daters?  And if that is Seth Rogen, is it also current footage with makeup, because if it was really him he'd be about 5 years old in 1987. It seems odd that two Seths appear in one seemingly random new (old) funny video.

Anyway, aside from that, there's lots of funny to be found in this new viral gem.  Hard to pick a favorite, but the Goddess guy/ Bon Jovi afficionado is impressive.

Dating Montage by smithy00101

Photo credit: Seth Rogen by Philkon; Seth Green by David Shankbone.

Can't see the Seth Rogen guy, but saw the Seth Green guy. Not him, but they could be brothers or something :)
Bon jovi guy was definitely a heart breaker, but my favorite has GOT to be the Viking dude.
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Wow I am so proud of myself. I made it through the entire video. Somebody out there tell me please: what is a Donna Wanneeteer? I feel so stupid. THANKS dj
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Wow... that was so painfully awkward.
I love how picky some of them are though.. as if they have a lot of options or something :P
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DONNA JUANITA is an Italian opera about a man who disguises himself as a woman. So I think that guy was using an obscure literary reference to say "no trannies".
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I can see the Seth Rogan guy - but the chin is wrong. And the Seth Green guy's face and nose are to wide.

Wow - just wow. I wonder where those guys are now.
Wonder if Bon Jovi guy found his goddess?
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Hmm, well I was about to close it and say "nah" at about 3 minutes but then I saw the Seth Green guy for the second time. Didn't see Seth Rogen at all, but I thought I saw Rob Lowe. All the other guys seemed pretty genuine. I think maybe Seth Green found the old video and added himself in (and maybe Rob Lowe lol).
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Yeah, the guy who looks like Seth Rogan looks nothing like Seth Rogan. The guy who looks like Seth Green does look like Seth Green, but it's not Seth Green.
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Anyone else think the guy who says 'domestic violence' at 3:12 looks like this guy: but with David Hasselhoff hair?
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The thing about my thinking that's Rogen was mostly in fun (cause I like to have fun), but it did stem from the effect cast by Green's doppelganger there. I think goodbye_ohio's observation concerning random guy at 0:40 is interesting, too.

Fine, it's not Seth Rogen. But it's fun!
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I don't know about the times you provided but at second 39 the guy that comes on for a split second and says "I'm Aton" is definitely Seth Green.
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Holy crap. Were there any women desperate enough to date these guys? Good thing the 80's are over! (I refuse to acknowledge there might be men still out there this pathetic)
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No. It's my brother, Seth Rogen-Green. He's married to my good friend Holly. It's just a joke cuz they look so much alike. Caveman, you're such a caveman.
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