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An Interactive Map of Banned and Challenged Books

The last week in September is Banned Books Week.  To mark the event, an interactive map has been created that shows requests for removal of books from public libraries and school libraries for the period 2007-2009.  The map is created from cases reported to and documented by the American Library Association.

The image above is a screencap.  The interactive map itself can be accessed at this link.

The ALA also has a listing of the top ten most frequently challenged books for 2008., via.

"Banned book week" is such a self-indulgent sham perpetrated by the ALA for the sole purpose of pre-empting any challenge to a librarians' authority in selecting and de-selecting books.
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I live in Olathe, KS. We can be a bit backward here. Pronounced - O LAY THA. Suburb of Kansas City. People mock and attack what they do not understand. In addition, their parents most likely were just like them and questioned anything that did not fit into their limited worldview. Sad.
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Symeon, it's funny that you get huffy about the ALA supposedly trying to preempt librarians' authority about what books they shelve, but not the presumptuousness of these "moral guardians" who try to control what their community can obtain from the library.

Librarians have a duty to make information and resources available without judgment or bias.

Also, isn't it funny how many book challenges come from people who never actually read the book they're condemning? It's a well-established pattern.
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No, Kate, the Canadians are NOT more sensible. At least, they won't be in my view until the exhaustion of all of the establishment's appeals and challenges to Athanasios Hadjis' recent ruling declaring the Canadian Human Rights Tribunal's relentless assault on "hate" speech to be unconstitutional. Until then, the Canadian government will still be prosecuting people who publish truths the ruling tribe (same tribe as in every other western nation) fears, and thus has smeared with the Orwellian label of "hate."
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SOmeone should start slipping historically banned books into school libraries across the nation....Like some Wilhelm Reich for starters!!
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JP Carter, I have to take your word as an inhabitant of Olathe that it can be "a bit backward" there but the rest of your statement is a little puzzling when put against the text of the word balloon shown. The complaint was about the book being "derogatory toward African-Americans, women and the developmentally disabled"...a criticism more likely to come from the lips of the PC Police than the kind of folks you portray in your paragraph. Sad.
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@Neil: Breathe, dude.

My implied question was really if and how many books are banned in Western countries outside the US? Is the US unique in its paranoia about reading materials?
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Hooray! My home state of Arkansas didn't have a marker anywhere on it. I'm shocked. There's a ton of really conservative religious type people here that I would have thought might have supported some book banning.
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"An Interactive Map of Banned and Challenged Books"

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