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People of Walmart is a user-generated image blog with a niche that’s as easy as shooting fish in a barrel. Honestly, when you’re talking about the world’s largest discount store, where you can find almost anything you need 24 hours a day, it’s a wonder you don’t see more people shopping in whatever they slept in. Only the funniest submissions are published. Link -Thanks, Bill!

Holy Hell!

The guy has a custom denim jacket with his youtube profile on it, but his videos are so freaking terrible I can't stop laughing.
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Felix, we aren't laughing at "the lower classes", we are laughing at these ridiculous people regardless of their standing in society. There are plenty of millionaires who still shop at Walmart on occasion.

Like the big girl who is wearing shorts 3 sizes too small is funny no matter how much money or education she has. Or the grown man walking around Walmart in a Captain America costume.
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You may be right. I too am an equal opportunity laugher atter. However, that site itself, not Neatorama, seems to be oriented more to class snobbery than to laughing at ridiculous people in general. And while we may know that the rich shop at Walmart, it seems many people think it is the store for the poor, the rural, and trailer park dweller.

And are there not those who laugh at the rich to "drag" the rich down a peg or two? And are not there those who laugh at the poor just so they can feel superior to someone, anyone? And who will admit that they laughed at some of the black people in the photos and thought "it figures..."?
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Isn't it insulting to assume the people pictured are "lower class" because of the way they are dressed or the fact that they are shopping at Wal-Mart? Wal-Mart's founder, Sam Walton, had more money than most of us will ever see and he was known for driving an old pick-up and dressing in Wal-Mart clothes. People of all income levels shop at Wal-Mart. In some smaller towns there isn't really much choice. The fact is it doesn't matter if you buy your clothes in an expensive boutique or get them at yard sales or the Salvation Army or even at Wal-Mart, you don't have to dress like the people in these photos. A person can look decent at any income level. Most of people, whatever their income level, aren't even trying!
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This isn't funny enough to make up for it's mean spirit. You say they aren't even trying. What is it exactly that they should be trying to accomplish? To dress in a way that you find unremarkable? To "look decent"? Some of these people may be mentally ill, or inebriated, or can't afford to reach your standard of decency. Whether or not these people are poor is irrelevant; this site is snarky bourgeois nonsense.
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I saw three pictures at the site and decided it wasn't worth my while to try and find the link for the others.

I guess not everybody can be as perfect as us - let's laugh at them.
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I live in a small town it's so bad here at WM that my wife and fight over who is going! I am so sick of being nice to people in this small town that act i'm better than you fake stuck up little town. That's not even to talk about no bra wearing, cracked out and up, front butt sporting, wore out scooter riding sons of ??? that hog the WHOLE path people. Yeah I know I plan on moving in twp years !!! That's including the people that work there too!
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You know people used to dress up in their Sunday best to go shopping. What you wear in your own house is your own business, i don't have to see it. Wal-mart is in the PUBLIC.
Abusive comment hidden. (Show it anyway.) people who claim to be so enlightened that they can't even poke fun our collective experience: most comedic twists are borne from observing people or situations outside what is the norm of acceptability...that is HUMOR. If we can't laugh at each other or even ourselves, then we have reached the ultimate level of PC in our society. This website is not making fun of anyone's social status, race, sex or nationality. For God's sake people lighten up a bit! If I were to go out inpublic wearing a plastic bag or my ass crack showing, I should expect to be the 'butt' of someone's joke.
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