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BuckyBalls: Insanely Fun Magnetic Toy

BuckyBalls Magnetic Toy - $29.95 [YouTube Clip]

This is the current rage in the Neatorama Shop: Zoomdoggle's insanely fun BuckyBalls - a set of 216 balls made from powerful rare earth magnets.

You can shape and mold an unlimited variations of magnetic sculpture (of course, if you get more than 1, you can combine them to create a mega-sculpture!). Tear 'em apart and snap 'em back together for hours of fun.

BuckyBalls is this week's featured product at the Neatorama Shop. For a limited time, you'll get a free Mystery Gift for the purchase of each BuckyBalls (What will you get? Well, we won't tell you ... it's a mystery!)

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I was just about to say, that you'll not want any type of magnet in the house if you have small children. Deadly and hard to diagnose if you don't catch them in the act.
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super cool toy!! I'm gonna order a 4 or 5. some for the kids, some for me and the wife. lol

there's a few other "similar" products on the market. but the magnetism isn't as strong.
ebay has em, or you can google it, and get the alternatives.
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Magnetic toys aren't for children under the age of 13 - the product and the product page at the shopping cart do have ample warning about swallowing danger.
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wow those are pretty sweet. did you know bucky balls are actually a chemical compound too? its made out of 120 carbon-12 atoms and it looks kinda like a soccerball with hex pattern holding it all together. they are pretty interesting and have some cool qualities. made me think of it when he made the little ball. thats kinda what they look like.... except microscopic
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I've got these and it's damn near impossible to make anything other than an irregular blob.
You see, the thing about magnets is they like to stick to magnetic things and magnets, well they're very magnetic
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why don't u just buy a cybercube? They come with 343 spheres and you can get 10% off your purchase by entering the promo code "cordawg92". I found it to be alot cheaper.. just go to thecubercubeDOTcom :D
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I'll have to disagree with Neocube's comment. These tiny magnets are not made equally. I bought the original neocubes and they are not as good as buckyballs or the new player on the market nanodots. I buy nanodots because they give you 20 more balls in their package 236 and they are good quality. Just google nano dots and you should find them.
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the different between neocube and nanodots is in the diameter size 3/16" inch neocube i.e. 4.7625mm vs 5mm nanodots difference in the size 0.2375mm
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I was going to buy buckyballs from the neatoshop but then I read that buckyballs left a very rude message on their competitor's voicemail and then they got the competitor's youtube video taken down using a flimsy copyright claim. In my judgment, those are the signs of a bad company that illegally bullies the little guy. Neatorama, you should be ashamed of yourselves for continuing to accept advertising dollars from a company with very questionable ethics.
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