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Plans for the World's Tallest Wooden Building

Illustration: Reilulf Ramstad Architects

Norway plans to construct a wooden building 16-17 stories tall with carbon neutral construction techniques. The Norwegian Barents Secretariat will use it for a cultural center for the nation's northern coast. It will house a library, a theatre, and art studios in its approximately 10,000 square meter interior space and will highlight sustainable development:

The idea is to construct a building which will be CO2-neutral, where the concept of the cycles of nature will be preserved. The innovative solutions on modern wooden constructions will stand as a token of the level of competence in the region, says architect Reiulf Ramstad.

As far as I have been able to determine, the record for tallest wooden building in the world is currently held by the 43-meter tall St. George's Cathedral in Guyana.

Link via Gizmodo

This is beacon for terrorists. It will light up like a divine match; a votive candle for Allah. Good job Al Gore. This is the "Three Little Pigs" waiting to happen.
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the church in church point, nova scotia, canada is the tallest wooden church in north america at 56 metres or 185 feet, it use to be 215 feet, but lightning damaged the building and the steeple was rebuilt 30 feet shorter. But I haven't located a taller building yet. The inner walls are lined in painted sail canvas as the steeple sways in the high local winds and lathe and plaster walls would crack.

from Wikipedia

Église Sainte-Marie is a Catholic church located in Church Point, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is the largest and tallest wooden building in North America. Built in the form of a cross, the church nave measures 58 metres (190 feet) in length, with transepts that are 41 metres (135 feet) across. The church spire rises 56 metres (185 feet) from floor to steeple, with its cross adding another 1.67 meters (5.6 feet). Originally 30 feet taller, the church steeple was struck by lightning in 1914, requiring part of the spire to be rebuilt.
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Sorry, the wooden Tustin Blimp hangars (two of them) in Tustin (Orange County) California, were built in 1942 and are 332 meters/1088ft long, 62 meters/203ft tall, with a ceiling height, unsupported, of 54 meters/178ft. They are 90 meters/297ft wide as well. They are an astounding sight, even with the surrounding development. They were even more awe inspiring back before subdivisions, when they were all by themselves in acres of flat ground. They are still the worlds largest clear span wooden buildings.
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I admire people like you who take the time to do all this research and then to share the results with others. Due to time constraints I will have to come back and read all the articles you have linked to.

Thanks for the share.
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US Navy made WW 2 blimp hangers are bigger. There are several left standing in the US. The one in Tillamook, Oregon is 58.52 meters high that is 192 feet for Americans. The building is 1072 feet long and there are at least a couple of even bigger WW 2 blimp hangers in California. Look up blimp hangers on the web and see some great pictures.
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