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Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan

(YouTube link)

Helen Keller and her instructor Annie Sullivan explain how Keller learned to speak in this 1930 Vitaphone newsreel. -via the Presurfer

I'm sure that Anne Sullivan and Helen Keller,now sit with God.An almost impossible task.Even today,our poor, thougthless society finds it easier to discard the disabled than help.Perhaps they(the diabled) are wiser than we.
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I got a little choked up there. It's just so amazing to think what Helen Keller achieved in her lifetime - more than many of us who have no disabilities whatsoever...

If you ever have the opportunity to visit her home in Tuscumbia, Alabama, do! The water pump is still there.
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Wow! I didn't realize that there were any videos of Helen Keller and Ann Sullivan. The method Sullivan used to teach Keller to speak aloud is a wonderful example of human adaptability and ingenuity.

Thanks for finding this video.
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As a kid I admired the story of Helen Keller and Annie Sullivan. As a teen, I heard a Helen Keller joke that made me laugh so hard. It's distateful so with apologies: How did Helen Keller burn her left ear? She answered the iron! How did she burn her right ear? They called back!

It's awful, I know, and I'm sorry but it still makes me laugh 20 years later, even thought it's probably not funny afterall.
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Just beautiful. That is actually the first video I've seen of Helen and Anne in action. Helen was indeed a genius and had a beautiful soul... anyone who reads her writing can see just what an amazing mind was there, ready for Anne's gentle instruction.

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This is also a prime example of adapting teaching techniques to the individual child, instead of the cookie-cutter teaching we have today.

Individualized learning builds geniuses!
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