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This Was Painted by a Six-Year Old

Remarkable talent, don't you think? Kieron Williamson of Norfolk, UK didn't draw anything a year ago, but now he's had first gallery exhibition:

Spurred on by images on the Internet and in art books - and the postcard-perfect outdoor studio that's all around him in Norfolk, on England's east coast, Kieron Williamson has churned out a succession of landscapes and village scenes that have critics decades older raising their eyebrows.

"I was the youngest in the class," recalled Kieron of his only formal training ever. "Everyone else were grownups." Asked whether that bothered him, he told Roth that during class, he simply "didn't think about 'em."

Link and link via J-Walk Blog

Wow! The scenes aren't only correctly portrayed, but also beautiful and emotional. Watercolors are difficult to work with too, but obviously not for this kid.

What did I draw when I was six? A crayon dog with no face and 5 legs.
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wouldn´t a crayon dog with no face and 5 legs display much more creatie imagination than this? Don´t get me wrong, not bad for a 6 yr old but things normal children draw show much more imagination.
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@Samsonite: Did you read the article? He said he paints these landscapes because he lives in a top floor flat with no view. "It makes me think of places I can't see." He is imaginative, just in a different way from the norm.
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Man, I hate to be the skeptic, but I'm going to be the skeptic. Whoever painted these is really quite talented. Watercolor is a deceptively difficult medium to master. I think I'd be a little concerned (happily) if my 8 year old did this.

I hope it's legit and this kid never stops, he seems to love doing it.
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Betty Edwards (of Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain) states that children possess an almost perfect sense of composition and even perspective. They forget this skill around 10 or so and and instead become reliant on the symbolic and the iconic. Let's hope this boy doesn't forget what made him so brilliant.
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Im from Norfolk, UK and think this picture is great! This is largely what our county looks like in between towns and its beautiful. A constant source of inspiration.
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Very good, for anybody. Not to be a snooty critic but looks like the street is flooded. Or is it a waterway? Probably a canal connected to a river in the background. Still beats my stick figures of course.
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I third the suspicion. Get me a time lapse video of him painting and I'll be satisfied. Hate to be skeptical but there's been too many other cases of parents "helping" kids out that I'm cynical.
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I hate to be a party pooper, but FTA: His mother is married to an art dealer.. If that does not raise suspicion, nothing will. The video of him painting a single line didn't convince me either.
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I'm not cynical. I do think perspective can be taught to a child. I dabble with art at home so my daughter's interested and soaks up everything like a sponge. Watercolors are always a fun medium. There used to be this neat local exhibition at malls of children who did amazingly creative and beautiful works of art from all the local schools (so it wasn't just art schools or private schools but all). It's completely possible. I say as long as they are having fun, that's great!
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Sincere thanks to all the positive comments about Kieron's work, as parents we are amazed on a daily basis that he can get so much out of his art work. RTL german TV filmed Kieron completing yet another painting, so did CBBC newsround, where Kieron talked the presenter through painting together. Kieron was also taken to London for BBC breakfast news where he painted also. Kieron thrives on learning techniques and tips from anyone willing to share, we are so lucky in Norfolk to have great artists that will share their time and equipment. Since Kieron's first exhibition, which was totally unexpected, it was only meant to be a local display of his work, Kieron has progressed no end with his oil painting. We are visiting the coast a lot more so not only does he have the view, he has the space to go wild like any other 7 year old boy!!! While he's happy, we're happy, regards, Michelle
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I paint and draw, but i just dont know for people to find out. I was like him, but now suddenly, age 13 I have started to do it again. I really want to become how he is in 'status' [famous artist] but i just don't know how to get people to know. x Check out my youtube videos ? : thanks. x
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