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What Is It? Game 107

Submitted by Willem Kossen

Hooray! It's time for our collaboration with the always excellent (and perplexing) What is it? Blog. Can you guess what the strange object above is for?

First correct guess will win this awesome Stickman Action Figure from Neatorama's Online Store. If no one got it right, then the funniest guess will win.

Contest rules are simple: place your guess in the comment section. One guess per comment, please, but you can enter as many as you can think of. Please post no URL or web links (you'll forfeit the prize if you do) - let others play.

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 8/7/09 - The answer is: A heat sink from an old television. A lot of you guessed heat sink, but no one got it specifically for an old TV, so I picked the guess that got me ROFL-ing. Congrats to endgame47 for this guess: It is a bow tie for bad-asses.

An early Play-doh toy prototype. It was rejected after market testing revealed that it was unsafe for those under the age of 3.
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It's a proto-Lego. The first attempt at many things fails, sometimes miserably. This prototype for LEGOs failed on three fronts. First, the spikes are quite sharp, second, there are two down sides to the block, no up side, and third, it's made of LEAD, which, I'm pretty sure is frowned upon when used as a children's toy.
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The tip of the patented Industrial Spaghetti Twirling Fork. Designed so the twirles bolus of pasta does not slide off the end, staining ties and shirts.
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It's a bed of nails. It's for torturing people.

I love the stick man! I went to read about it at the store. You have some really neat stuff in there... I didn't know you had the racing grannies!
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It's the operational middle insert for twinkie know that white creamy stuff that's better than crack? Somehow the middle of the food that has a shelf life that mocks humanity has to be extracted so the nectar of the gods or at least the nectar of those drooling can be inserted.
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It's a heat sink that goes either between the carburetor and intake manifold or between the carburetor and air cleaner for a small gas engine, perhaps a weed wacker or leaf blower.. maybe even a small hobby engine.
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looks like a lint filter from an old washing machine.
the water would flow over this and all the fluffy stuff and tissue paper would gather on it.
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@ Lasse. Klingons in STAR WARS? That's not canon.

To all that said it was a heat sink, you're wrong! This thing can't hold water. It's a yarn loom for ambidextrous people.
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This is a Honkle-Flemer. It is a tool used for stimulating pherome genisis in woolly yaks. The yak pheromes are instrumaental in making toothpaste, and is in every brand on the market. No kidding. If you knew what else was in toothpaste, you'd brush your teeth with dirt. Really.
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Early prototype of the Ice Climbers Snow Shoe (TM).

Metal spikes on one side get shoved into foot, ensuring that it would not fall off, while the metal spikes on the other side were used to grip that slippery ice!

Later dismissed for being too darn painful to put on, and providing not enough grip on the foot if used more than once.
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