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Embroidery Tattoo

Flickr user Glitch Vixen got a tattoo of an embroidery her grandmother had made in high school. The result is undeniably beautiful and well-executed. Via Trend Hunter

Looks pretty neat, specially since it's still a bit puffed up giving it more of that embroidered look.
Those little details, like in the stem aren't going to look so hot as the tattoo ages though. It's all gonna turn in to a big blob.
Still neat though and def original.
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Like a moustache on the mona lisa. That girl has a beautiful body, why scribble all over it like that? It's already art. Nothing will make it more attractive.
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I dont think that hardly even a FRACTION of people know what it takes to get a good tattoo, have a good tattoo, create a good tattoo, or even care what a good tattoo is. Those people need to zip their lips and stop talking crap about other people's tats. Tattoos are a work of art and are beautiful to the people that have them. YOU dont have to get one, YOU dont have to marry someone with one, and no one cares what YOU think about their tattoos. Some people think that tattoos are incredibly sexy. I happen to be one of those people. My mom always said "there is an ass for every seat" and "different strokes for different folks." Stop being so critical. Our differences are what makes the world go round. it doesn't mean that people that have tats are trashy or poor or hoes etc. It just means they like it, and you dont. Is that really so bad?? Do you really have to be ugly about it?!
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Nice looking tattoo but don't tell your boyfriend what it is. I'm sure he doesn't want to think about your grandma while he's railing you doggy style.
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Well, I've finally done it. I've decided to share my opinion. Everybody is entitled to have an opinion but that doesn't give them the right to criticize other people. Tattoos are a matter of personal choice. If you don't approve, IGNORE THEM !!. Don't pigeon hole them as weirdos or hoes. Just because you don't approve of body art or have the courage to get one yourself.
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I went to highschool with her! She's super nice. She's the kind of person that could make anyone smile from just being around them. I always wondered what her tattoo was/inspired by etc. I've seen photos on facebook but they had no description. So I was utterly confused. But now I'm glad to know the backstory to this lovely tattoo- and it just warms my heart <3 I really love it when people dedicate their tattoos to family members. So much better than getting a name of some current boyfriend or whatever haha
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