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Post-Apocalyptic Disney World

Disney comissioned artist former Deus Ex designer Warren Spector to come up with his interpretation of a very twisted Disney World as concept art for the Wii game Epic Mickey.

...images from both Gambino and Glover, covering rotted Epcots, foreboding Cinderella castles, terrifying scorpion-like mecha-Country Bears, and more -- all of which come with the obvious caveat that they may or may not reflect anything of the current state of the project.


From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by xpresscm.

Oh, that looks great. I'll be very interested in buying that. The Castle doesn't look like any one in a Disney park, more like the one in Beauty and the Beast. But the Goofy and Country Bears characters look great. I can't figure out what the last picture is of, though.
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omg!!!!!! i went from being completely asleep and depressed (before reading this) to acting like i've drank 10 cups of coffee (woooohoooo!!!!) this makes me so excited...there better be a haunted mansion in there...this better not be a hoax...or i'll cry...
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He's made a huge impact on what PC gaming is today with other games like System Shock (remade into Bioshock), and Thief: Deadly Shadows which was the whole start of the stealth game genre like Assassins Creed and MetalGear.
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Disney didn't commission him, he works for Disney now (Junction Point is owned by Disney). He's not an artist, he's a designer. This isn't production art, it's merely (very old) concept work.
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