Billboards that Don't Belong Next to Each Other

Our web BFF BuzzFeed has a hilarious post about 15 billboards that really don't belong next to each other. We're kind of late of posting this one, but it's too precious too miss: Link - Thanks Eric!

That particular type of pairing is not accidental.

The groups that place the upper sigh do so quite deliberately. And if they can't get that positioning, the get their sign on the post preceding the porn-palace sign.

You see them all over the country.
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Yeah but I'm not quite sure what happens to both adverts- I find the lower advert make the top-one look totally fake and laughable. And I find the top-one making the lower one come over even stronger.

So perhaps these religious groups should reconsider their tactics...?

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Why bother, they are helping bolster the adult entertainment industry. It's just like when FOX News touting that Grandtheft Auto IV should be banned, I'm quite positive it boosted the sales through their non nonsensical ranting. Negative publicity is still publicity.
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There's a big adult store right off the interstate in northern Tennessee with a 100-foot cross right beside it. Anyone getting off the exit has to drive right under the cross to get to the store. The parking lot is always full anyway.
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Come to think of it, it all boils down to:

- HALLELUJA- now we have your attention: SEX is the word!


- SEX - now we have your attention: HALLELUJA!!!

Well- In both cases the message still seems to be that sex is an ultimate gift of God to mankind and that sex can be an ultimate way of worshipping...
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Miss C -

I passed that particular store and cross combination this past Saturday evening. As you say, the parking lot was indeed full. We drive down that way often enough that the kids recognize it as a landmark meaning we're getting close to Knoxville.

It's not too far from the giant green dragon by the fireworks store...
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