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Not Fooling Anybody

The site Not Fooling Anybody is a gallery of business conversions that retain the ghosts of past architecture. For example, this chiropractic office used to be a know. The big bucket still on the sign post should be a dead giveaway. You're invited to submit your own photographs. Link -via mental_floss

Very much a local culture thing - I've never heard of half these businesses, let alone know them at a glance from their style of building. Except Pizza Hut, of course - their One Shape Suits All is unmistakable.
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Oh, KFC? I figured maybe the chiropractor loaded you into a giant bucket and whirled it around, like one of those amusement park rides, to straighten out your spine.
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in most cases due to city Zoning laws regarding signs its ok to repaint signs. But to actually physically change them requires you to go through a long process of getting the new sign approved. So I don't blame them far just covering up the old one with paint and using it for their own sign.
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My all time favorite locally was a closing of the franchised "Lamp Post Pizza" to reopen as "Lamp Pot Pizza". At least they moved the t over. The building is now a dry cleaners.
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Ha! I can add some more info to the second place on the list (Big Bites Ice Cream and Burgers). Granted it was a Dairy Queen previously but the architecture actually comes from its very original franchise, Red Barn. Red Barn was a McDonald's-ish fast food chain from the 60's and 70's. All of their locations looked, well, like a big Red Barn, hence the name. They were reasonably common in southern Ontario and as the chain slowly folded it was always interesting to see the locations rebranded, usually into an independent burger joint but sometimes other chains would pick them up. Most of the time the buildings were demolished to meet local codes but some, like this one, have stuck around. I'd say this particular location ceased being a Red Barn about 30 years ago.
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My sister worked at a Red Barn Rest. in St. Louis. They didn't last very long here. I think they were open about 1 year before they closed. Its been a bank ever since.
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This was a shopping mall, now it's all covered in flowers
(you got it, you got it)

This was a Pizza Hut, now someone's selling you mattresses
(you got it, you got it)

This was a Dairy Queen, now they're giving you Chinese Food!
(you got it, you got it)
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