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Zubbles Now on Sale

They've been in development for fifteen years, and were supposed to launch sales to the public two years ago. Now finally, you can buy Zubbles, soap bubbles in bright colors that don't stain fabric. Inventor Tim Kehoe spent $3 million to develop Zubbles and bring them to market.
Once a bubble pops, the dye fades in 15 minutes on virtually every material imaginable: concrete, leather, nylon, cotton and paint. Even easily stained material like silk remain unstained 15 minutes after a Zubble touches them.

Right now, consumers can only buy blue and pink bubbles, although Kehoe says that he can create bubbles of any color.

Link to story. Link to website. -via reddit

They are finally taking orders on a "limited quantity." Hold on to your money, folks, until you see these show up in a brick and mortar store.

I remember reading the initial Pop Sci article years ago and now the same author admits that the subject of the article is his "old friend." Hardly unbiased reporting.
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I ordered them 3 weeks ago when they went on presale. I've been waiting for 4 years for these. I got them on my (40th) birthday Friday.

And meh.

horrible blower and the color doesn't stay around the whole thing for more than a second or two. and the containers leak :( I will find out tomorrow if the color comes out of clothing. it came off of my skin like nobody's business tho.

All in all, very cool product but I feel like it's missing something for costing $20 including shipping.
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I'd rather save the $20, blow some normal bubbles, take a photo and photoshop the colours on...having said that i think clear bubbles are way cooler than you can see a whole spectrum of colours in a clear bubble anyway! jesus i should have got to Mr Kehoe years ago and made him see the light.
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I got my order today and they are very neat, IMO. Like quinnnchick says, the really dark color doesn't last that long all the time, but they definitely stay colored to some degree until they hit the ground. Some bubbles are darker colored than others; it'd probably help to shake up the bottle first, but I didn't think to try. Didn't have any leaking problems, though, and they definitely don't stain. The flecks on my shirt have already disappeared in the last 20 minutes.

Worth $20? Probably not, but I don't mind spending a bit of money to support what I think is a neat example of scientific research. :-) And besides, now I'm the only kid on my block with colored bubbles!

I'm certain that as long as they're popular enough to make some money that production will increase and price will drop, and we'll undoubtedly see them in brick-and-mortar stores before too long.
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DIY article:

Haven't tried it yet, but if this is all it takes, I hope this guy didn't actually spend $3 million on it!
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Dear Mr/Ms Kevin and quinnnchick:
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Thanks for your kind support.
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I have to say, that even at $20 I just hit the "BUY" button, because I have been waiting for them since 2005. I hope they live up to my expectations, but if they don't, I'm still glad I suppored the guy.
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¿Pero por favor donde se podrian comprar? busco por favor la direccion de correo o la pagina web donde poder encontrarlas.El precio me da exactamente igual que sean 20$. Un beso gracias.
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