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Key with Keyring Built In

Sometimes the answer is so obvious that it's silly to think that no one has though of it before, but here it is: a key with a keyring built right in!

The Split Key Ring is the latest creation of engineer/artist/mad scientist Scott Amron of Amron Experimental:

Link - via Core77

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So how do you add more keys to it seeing as how you gotta spin a new key all around the ring? Or is this made to fit on another pre-existing ring? In witch case it's just a really big keyhole.
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I'm betting the key blank is part of only one of the two loops (for lack of a better term) that make up a typical key ring, which would let you spin additional keys all the way around. Come to think of it, being able to use the key portion as a handle would probably make it a lot easier to manipulate the ring proper.
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"Sometimes the answer is so obvious ..."

But what was the question?

This is one of those ideas that makes you think "neat!" at first (even I did), but after considering it, I can't come up with a problem this solves.

And to answer ChuckBlack's question, I don't believe the ring above spirals all the way around like most keyrings; it's just split at the top and overlaps partway.
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Since my first comment is still, for some reason, waiting for moderation, one way it's an improvement is that being able to grasp the key ring firmly by the protrusion would make it easier to slide other keys onto the ring. Another improvement it could make would be if there is one key that is used predominantly, or one that needs to be found quickly, this key would really cut down on the time spent fumbling and sorting.
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What is wrong with a keyring which collects numerous keys? Too many keys? Add another ring. This seems like a solution to a problem that never was.
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The reason why no one has thought of it before (or rather, tried to make a business from it before) is because it's just not a very good idea.

The ring in keyrings is made from steel and the key is made from brass, the join between the two will be a weakpoint that will hold up for a comparably short time compared to a regular key. Even if it was all made from brass it would become a weak point which would significantly lower the lifespan of the key.

Sure, if you like standing there with a snapped of key in your front door then go ahead and invest in this.
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Total FAIL. The key is not suppose to follow the direction of the keyring. That will only cause the other keys not want to stay flat since one is facing the wrong direction.
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The extra amount of freedom of movement that comes from having keys on rings on another ring makes it much easier to find and use the one you want. Having them more constrained would drive me up the wall.

Neat idea - but fails to solve a real problem.
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So, bear with me.

Assume that this idea gains traction, and eventually all keys used by human kind sport this feature.

So then what happens when all your keys have that built-in keyring?

What do you put the keys on then?

Each other?

Or does the universe just implode into a giant singularity extinguishing all life as we know it?

Some things shouldn't be trifled with in the Natural Order of Things.
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