What is it? Game 103

This week's collaboration with the What is it? Blog is super easy (maybe) - can you guess what the object above is used for?

Two prizes this week: a free Neatorama T-shirt for the first correct guess and another one for the funniest, but incorrect one. Place your guess in the comment section - one guess per comment, though you can enter as many as you can think of. Post no URLs or weblinks - let others play (if you do, you'll forfeit the prize).

For more clues, check out the What is it? Blog - Have fun and good luck!

Update 7/3/09 - the answer is: A golf ball marker, according to the patent:

The object of the invention is to provide an instrument for impressing a distinctive mark, as the initials of a person, upon golf balls and the like, whereby, the ownership of said balls will be indicated and said balls returned to their owners, if lost and later found.

The part with the black handle is used to apply the ink, patent number 1,281,063.

Congrats to the winners: Jared, who got it right first, and Sam Saturday, who got me crackin' with "pocket mohel"!

I saw this on TV. It's a "Pocket Mohel". Billy Mays hocked these in one of his infomercials (God rest his soul). I thought the skull cap he wore was a nice touch.
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My guess is that it's a ticket puncher/marker of some sort.

Or a Mega-Trangoshan Trans-dimensional, Hyperspatial Planetary Tattoo Gun - widely used in the galactic advertising trade.
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On my eeePC it's an extremely tiny wine press (one grape at a time, we'll get there eventually) the black thing o the side to to scrape the smushed grape off...

On my Mac laptop, its probably some sort of ball marker, but too small to be a golf ball marker.. (use your imagination, fidelity for the win)
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Going with the popular theory and saying it's used to monogram golf balls.

My other guess is that it's either used to put a wax seal on wine bottles, or put a cap on a bottle of beer / alcohol
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Used to applying a wax seal on a rolled up piece of paper.
Like one seals used on letters in the old days to identify the sender, and verify that the letter has not been opened.
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Obviously a Stevenson Staple Sucker, a staple remover designed and crafted before the invention of the staple. The inventor had to be very imaginative since nobody knew what a staple was going to be shaped like, or be used for. Since it was ~42 more years before staples were invented, it explains why this device was such a commercial failure and therefore somewhat rare. A few have found their way, after being heavily modified, into the collections of gullible golf gear gatherers. Golf ball marker, really.

BTW I don't think identifying the Stevenson Staple Sucker is "easy" for the average "staple ignorant" population. Also, Stevenson later went on to change the name of his company to ACME and was very successful, especially due to an excellent product delivery system.
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