Fancy Fast Food

Fancy fast food takes regular old fast food and turns it into gourmet (looking) food. I'm sure it doesn't taste as good as real four star cuisine, but it sure does look delicious. Best of all, there's plenty of recipes so you can duplicate the efforts.


Why do I think this is a viral attempt by chain restaurants to be cool? Like those lame pizza chain ads with their pasta, fooling the few polite/drunken/stupid Italians they could capture on camera who declared the food "deliciosa" or whatever. I suspect trickery. Bah.

Chain food is designed to taste good, and yet it often fails. I'd love to imagine this quaint little quiche is a gourmet delight. Countless breakfast-desperate, chain-indiscriminate mornings tell me otherwise.
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Those look really good. I agree w/ WordyGrrl, it'd be funny to see one of those Penn and Teller-type TV shows have this food served at high prices at fancy restaurants and see how the clientele reacts.
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I think one of the chef competition shows such as Top Chef had a challenge like this where they had to create cuisine by shopping at fast food restaurants, or maybe it was vending machines.
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Looks good, but as I was reading the directions, I realise the recipes called for blending the food in a food processor or at least making some kind of paste from the already cooked food. Didn't sound so appetising after that, though yeah, it would certainly be interesting to see the looks on people's faces if the food was served to them in a gourmet restaurant - and that it actually tasted good.
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