The Dark Side of Disney

Disney isn’t always the Happiest Place on Earth. The parks sometimes harbor deep, dark secrets – and we’re not talking the Haunted Mansion or the Tower of Terror. Below are a few sinister secrets Mickey doesn’t want you to know about.


We've all heard the rumors that no one has ever died at a Disney park because Disney has paid officials to refrain from declaring injured or ill people dead until they hit a hospital outside of Disney property. But it's not true. There are several incidents where the victims were reported to have died at the scene.

In 2007, a Spanish teenager died while she was riding the Rock 'N' Roller Coaster at Disneyland Paris. Her friends noticed she was unconscious when the ride stopped, according to the BBC, and park medics immediately rushed to the scene. There was nothing they could do, though, and she was pronounced dead by the time an ambulance could get there. Photo from DLPInfo.

In June of both 1973 and 1983, 18-year-old boys drowned in the Rivers of America. Both had stayed in the area when they weren't supposed to - the incident in '73 occurred when a boy and his brother decided to stay in the park after closing and the '83 incident happened when a boy capsized a rubber emergency raft he had stolen from a cast-only section of the park.

In 1984, Dollie Young was riding the Matterhorn Bobsleds at Disneyland when her seatbelt became unbuckled. To this day, it's not known how Dollie fell out of her car, but she did. She fell to the track and was hit by another car, then caught under its wheels and dragged for a bit before the ride came to a stop. She was pronounced dead at the scene due to massive head and chest injuries.

And, of course, there was the infamous "America Sings" death of 1974. An employee named Debbi Stone was working as the hostess to the show one evening when her fellow cast members were alerted to the fact that she was missing. Some reports say they noticed at some point during the evening; other reports say a guest heard Debbi's screams and immediately told cast members. Either way, by the time she was found, Debbi had been crushed to death between a rotating theater wall and a permanent theater wall; she definitely didn't make it to a hospital first. Photo from Yesterland.


Even when people aren't dying at Disney, they want their mortal remains to be forever interred at the Happiest Place on Earth. Disney doesn't like to talk about it, obviously, but sometimes cast members spill the beans to inquiring reporters. David Koenig, author of Mouse Tales: A Behind-the-Ears Look at Disneyland, says that the Haunted Mansion has definitely been the site of a quickie memorial service at least once. A cast member told him that she had been working the ride when a group requested extra time on the ride to say a quick goodbye to a little boy who had died and loved the Haunted Mansion. She agreed, but then spotted one of the guests emptying grey ash out onto the ride. The ride was shut down so it could be cleaned up.

In 2007, a guest alerted cast members at the Pirates of the Caribbean attraction that she had seen another woman sprinkling some sort of a powdery substance into the water, and the Los Angeles Times reports that the ride was shut down the same year when a group of people managed to leave a pile of ashes in the Captain's Quarters section of the ride.

Hidden Messages

I’ve done it, and I bet a lot of you have done it as well: pausing and rewinding and going frame-by-frame to catch hidden messages or images in certain Disney films. Some of them are really there and some of them are just products of our active imaginations. Here’s the lowdown:

Aladdin does not tell children to take off their clothes in Aladdin. It’s a scene where “Prince Ali” is trying to get up to Princess Jasmine’s room to talk to her when he comes across her tiger, Rajah. The tiger growls at him menacingly, and Aladdin says, “C’mon… good kitty. Take off and go!” while shooing the feline away with his turban. The captioning supports this argument. However, the line is whispered and not enunciated well, and in addition, it seems to be edited poorly. Snopes says that the same bit of dialogue seems to have been inserted twice, so the whispered line is doubly garbled. Because it was so close on the heels of The Little Mermaid controversy, people heard what they wanted to.

Speaking of which, The Little Mermaid did not contain any sexual images on purpose. There were two issues that concerned the public: first, that artwork for the movie contained a phallic images as part of a castle in the background, and second, that the priest officiating over the wedding scene near the end of the movie seems to get an erection right in the middle of the ceremony. Neither is true, according to Snopes. The phallic image was unintentional and was not drawn in by a disgruntled employee who had recently gotten laid off (the artist didn’t even work for Disney) and the “erection” is actually the priest’s knees.

So what is true? Well, there’s definitely an image of a topless woman in the 1977 movie The Rescuers. And Disney fully admits it. In fact, the image – which is a photograph, not an animated bit, and was clearly intentionally placed in the movie – was basically pointed out to the public by Disney themselves. The image occurs so fast in two single, non-consecutive frames, that a viewer would have to know exactly where to pause the movie in order to even see it. The movie was recalled in 1999 after Disney discovered the image was there; they claimed it must have been inserted in post-production. Photo from Snopes.

One that’s maybe true: Jessica Rabbit going commando in Who Framed Roger Rabbit. There’s a scene in the movie where Jessica and Eddie Valiant are thrown from a car, causing her dress to flip up very briefly. It goes fast, but people who have slowed the movie to frame-by-frame say that the way the coloring was done suggests that mischievous animators may have drawn Jessica without any undergarments. However, the coloring, which is darker than the rest of Jessica’s skin, may also suggest underwear.

And here’s a not-so-hidden image you can check out for yourself the next time you’re at Disney World – there’s a Nazi “hidden” in plain sight in a mural at the Grand Floridian resort. In the book Sabotage in the American Workplace, the artist who painted the piece says that Disney hired him to create a Great Gatsby-esque mural for the ballroom in the upscale hotel. He decided to paint a Nazi in the background of the mural to “comment on what was happening in the rest of the world while the Great Gatsbys where whittling away their hours with cocktails.” Photo from Snopes.
There are definitely more dark Disney tales – in fact, we could probably turn this into a series! What weird and/or disturbing rumors have you heard about the House of Mouse? Share in the comments, and maybe we’ll investigate for future posts.

while most of this is easily written off as make believe. the little mermaid tid-bits are really hard to deny.

and if you think a few penis jokes, are the worst disney had to offer, you just don't have a clue.

outside of racism and hidden "revenge drawings" they were really just an utter hindrance on the movement of animation and cartoons. stale, sanitized, boring and overdone.
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These are sinister stories. The Nazi thing is one of those tiny details in photgraphs that sometimes you don't notice but when you do it's even scarier. It's a grim reminder.
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In the last 10 to 15 years I have heard news of at least three deaths.

2 died on the Mission Space ride, both from heart conditions. 1 Small child fell into the It's a Small World ride and got caught up in the tracks underwater, if I remember right.

I have heard rumors of teams of lawyers prepared for such events.
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I hate to say this, but Snopes are not the be all and end all, and HAVE been wrong, on more than one occasion.

Supposedly the Jessica Rabbit thing only existed in workprints and was removed from the release version. (Heard that from an actual animator.)
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The Little Mermaid priest definitely got an erection. Knee my ass.
And the cover art most def had a penis in it. There is no way someone drew that and didn't know what it looked like.
I'm surprised the article didn't mention the word "SEX" appearing in the cloud of sparkly dust/flowers whatever the heck they were in the Lion King.

I don't care what kind of weird crap they wanna put in to their movies though.
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I feel most of them were accidents besides the Nazi and the topless woman ones..
Disney might've made up the SFX to cover up for the SEX in Lion King..
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Let's not forget the Entertainment Cast Member who was killed during a Magic Kingdom parade back in '04.

Lots of accidents happen at Disney. It can be a quite scary place in actuality.
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Ok...I'm all in favor of disney being a magical place n all...very magical since it has so many hidden secrets...but why is everyone so convinced that in the lion king thye see the word sex? Sex had nothing to do with the scene in question so why is it even relevent? And HELLO PEOPLE! A whole 3 generations where brought up on disney movie and the magic of disney..does that mean we've all been corrupted? I kno I turned out just fine thank you...a bit curious of it all...but I'm ok. And ill watch ANY disney movie and enjoy every minute of it!
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And if you want a movie to question...what the hell is up witj pocohontahs (or how ever u spell it). That movie is corrupt from begining to end....full of lies and false hope. The story was not that great....oh! Racism? Never been a black character yet....lots of symbolism, but no dice. Shame. I never should have read all this. I used to love disney.... :(
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Several years ago, I was in the last car of Thunder Mountain Railroad in Disney World and the lap bar didn't latch. As we left the station were were yelling for the operator to stop the train but he wasn't looking. We grabbed each other and did our best to wedge ourselves around the bar and into the seat.

Luckily for us we didn't get thrown because the ride is mostly circular. But it scared the crap out of us.
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Dunno if this is just an urban legend, but I love the story about their dealing with a passed out Seven Dwarfs character. It is true it gets extremely hot inside those costumes. Anyway, a costumed person passed out and they refused to remove the head, since Disney prohibits "breaking the illusion". So they lifted the person, costume and all, onto a stretcher and carted him away.
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Ooo, I love this post! I spent a lot of time at Disney World as a child but recently returned as an adult with someone who is a self-proclaimed Disney Slut. The Disney sub-culture knowledge she has is incredible - it changed my entire vision of Disney World. We both walked right by that mural in the Grand Floridian though and didn't bat an eye - I'll look for it next time for sure.
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I would like to know who started the whole idea of watching Disney movies frame by frame to find all the disturbing/disgusting bits. A good chunk of what I've found on YouTube seems to be all in someone's head. As an animator, I'm insulted to think that the general population thinks we have nothing better to do with our time than to place disturbing messages in the movies their children watch.

Also, there have been black characters in Disney's films, just none of them have been leading roles. This is all about to change with Disney's new animated feature, The Princess and the Frog which is due out some time this year.
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I worked at Walt Disney World for a bit last year. I ran some of the rides in Fantasyland. In the Peter Pan ride on one of the Wendy figures, the one walking the plank,the artist drew a vagina. Only Cast Members would be able to see it when they walk through, but when her dress is lifted there is a faint line. I was told years ago it was more noticeable until it was painted over.

Another story one of my managers told us during a safety meeting, he used to work over by the Haunted Mansion. One day a group of teenagers went on the ride and got one behind the other. When they got to the graveyard scene, a girl tried to jump from her vehicle to the next. She missed and fell right her face onto the track. She tore it up something awful. She started to walk along the track to the exit. Later guests thought she was part of the ride. She made it all the way up to the conveyor belt where the exit is and scared the living hell out of the unload cast member. She was completely disfigured with her face hanging off.

There was also the sanitation guy who fell from the Skyway before the park open one day. He fell off near the Dumbo ride and landed in the bushes. He later died from his injuries. I think that was in the Early 90s.

An elderly cast member was working at Everest I believe. She was down in the ride and no one knew she was down there. They started up the ride and she got too close to the track and got hit in the head. She was fine but after she got home she died from her injuries.

Those are some I can think of right now. Most of the other ones I believe are well known. These have all been Walt Disney World in Orlando. I know there have been many more instances at Disneyland. Stabings, Big Thunder Railroad crash, security car chase death, and others you can find online.
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I will never understand why people think it's OK to go in to restricted areas, or try to get up from a ride. You're strapped in for a freakin reason. Those areas are restricted for a reason.
Reminds me of the guy who died at our state fair this year. He went over a gate in to a restricted area to retrieve a hat or something and got decapitated by the ride.
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I worked at the Magic Kingdom for four years and heard of and saw many things like this. It really isn't surprising considering the sheer numbers of people that come through each day. Couple that with the harsh summer weather, the thrill rides made of dangerous machinery, pre-existing or hidden medical conditions, human error and human stupidity and none of this is really surprising. It happens in other similar places, but since Disney is such a big, easy target they get the most attention.
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Did you know Disneyland has its own jail? I know this because some friends and I were detained there after a drunken visit to the Happiest Place on Earth. The security system there is not to be trifled with. You are being watched the second you drive into the parking lot.
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My favorite bit of "dark" trivia is the beautiful mosaic walls illustrating the story of Cinderella in the archways of the Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World.
It was designed and created by Hanns-Joachim Gottlob Scharff.
Look him up.
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And lets not forget about Big Thunder Mountain death of 2003:

Also, I was at Disneyland in 1984 when the girl died on Matterhorn. I remember wanting to go on the ride but it was shut down. No one had any idea that someone had died on it. The staff just told everyone that it was down for "maintenance". Pretty scary!
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These 2 incidents probably received the most press, so I can't believe no one has mentioned them yet. When a beam fell off the Columbia and killed someone and when a little boy got seriously injured on Roger Rabbit.
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I was a cast member at WDW. I can tell you that safety is not paramount at that place, for the guests or the employees. Down in the utilador, you wouldn't believe the puddles and rust under and on the computers that run space mountain and such.

I know that one character (a Tigger) came down with meningitis and was hospitalized (this was in 1998). The entertainment management decided not to let anyone know nor clean/disenfect the costumes. They endangered hundreds of people.

Their was a bomb scare once at Space Mountain. The management decided to let the teens who run the ride "go in to look for suspicious bags and such" after clearing teh guests. No, not the bomb squad, some teenagers.

If you work outside, you are not allowed to carry water with you. I had two heat strokes before being allowed to move to a mostly indoor job. The manager that day, who ignored my symptoms, had 4 complaints against him at the time for sexual harassment. When I left the company, he was still there.

With Disney, it's the cheap option that wins every time, regardless of dangerous conditions, lack of maintenance, lack of training, etc.

For those that don't know, WDW is located in Reedy Creek, Disney's very own county/government entity. They have their own taxes, jail, fire stations, traffic rules, cops, etc. This is why no one dies there. They, the corporation, control everything that happens and for the most part, your civil liberties end where their property line begins.

Check out the work of artist Rob Conger who did a series of latch hook rugs of the locations where people were killed at WDW and Disneyland. Good stuff.
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Investigate the hidden penises around Disneyworld in Florida. A friend mentioned it to me once and pointed out a few in the park. For example one is part of a gift shop/food stand sign in Animal Kingdom.
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Ya, like others, knees my ass. That was a boner.

Also, as a kid we had a huge puzzle of the little mermaid box art and ya, those were definitely penises.
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Those who think there's some deep dark evil behind the Disney company are advised to read Neil Gabler's seriously researched book about Disney, instead of relying on blogs and web posts for their facts.

Gabler's book, which was NOT sanctioned or approved by the Disney organization, effectively debunks most of the rumors and BS brought up here, including the bogus Nazi favoritism.
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Its not a Nazi. Its an american terrorist looking for little children to rape and innocent civiliuans to bomb. Then he´s gonna rub his very very tiny dick.
I´m absolutely shure. Now anyone can see that! No doubt about it!
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"Gabler’s book, which was NOT sanctioned or approved by the Disney organization, effectively debunks most of the rumors and BS brought up here, including the bogus Nazi favoritism." - Will Trevor

My post about the beautiful mosaic mural is true.
It is not Nazi favoritism. Look for a book titled "The Interrogator" by Raymond F. Toliver.
while technically no a Nazi, he just happened to be a great mosaic artist with a job as an interrogator.
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My dad used to work at Disneyland (the one in Anaheim) back in the 1960's on his summer breaks. He was in a crew that found a guy crushed to death under a roller-coaster. He doesn't like to talk about it, so I don't know any exact details, but seeing as there's no confirmed death matching that description here, it's a pretty safe bet that they covered that one up.
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What gets me is the amount of information (or misinformation) you can find on Disney. It seems to me that Six Flags, Holiday World or any of the other parks get NONE of the publicity.

We should sue for Disney monopolizing the theory conspiracists. Come on, people. Get real.
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Walt Disney was into Freemasonary and it saddens me to think that from a small child I like so many others have been being brainwaashed. Think mind control is not a reality I beg you to think differently. It is all so subtle and subluminal but very, very real. Do some reserach on secret societies and draw you own conclusion.
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oh my god.

reading the comments....I can't believe some people really think those 'hidden images' are true. What the hell do you people think disney are exactly? The person who painted that Little Mermaid poster is named Bill Morrison who works for The Simpsons merchandising company Bongo Comics, and has painted many other movie posters in the past. I seriously SERIOUSLY doubt he did that on purpose. I worked for him a little while and he is an amazing person.

I don't who people think Disney are. It's a fucking animation/cartoon company for god's sake not some secret fucking evil organization -.-
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From the page on Wikipediea
Hanns-Joachim Gottlob Scharff a German Luftwaffe interrogator during the Second World War. Highly praised for the success of his techniques, especially considering he never used physical means to obtain the required information.
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My Mom sprinkled (part of) Dad in the lake at Epcot - he'd worked there fifteen years so we really didn't care about the rules as much as his wishes!
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"Dark side of Disney", huh?

So there's a bright side?

Not when you're being gouged for a fifty year old cartoon re-release. Then its "back to the vaults" until the next gen gets hyped into it.

Just another arm of the "Coalition of Greedy White Guys."
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I have to agree, those "knees" of the priest in Little Mermaid are awfully high and move quite unnaturally. I wonder how much Snopes got paid by Disney to say that.

That being said, I still love Disney movies.
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You know, I work at Walt Disney World and have for the last 8+ years. I've been a trainer for 5 years, and its not true they don't train you. Yes they do...YOU JUST DON'T LISTEN! I find all kinds of sinister things every day. you know...little boys dressed up like a pirate....ooooscary. And then there's those little girls all done up like princesses...sooooo perverted
Cone on people grow up. I am scared by all of you who are looking for weird stuff involving the dreams of little kids.
I, myself remember my trip to Disneyland 50 years ago. It was one of the most wonderful memories that I had when my mom died very young. Its all about dreams, people. About lifting the hopes and fantasies of little kids who won't live to come back.
Shame on all you strange people who want strange things where they don't exist.
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Alright seriously disney is a corporation, there main concerns are A=money and B=public appearance. So of course there gonna use A to cover up anything that could jepordize B, simple as that.
And I agree disney makes good movies for children. I grew up watching disney movies as most eveeryone in the free world has. But the fact of the matter is they cant screen through thier employees to find every twisted artist, alot of us with twisted minds live incognito with the rest of you, just try and spot us all out of a crowd, HAHAHA, joking, kinda. And twisted minds are gonna do twisted stuff and chuckle about it later.
So enough of this "oh no disney is a wonderful corporation, they wouldnt do that" because the fact of the matter is, it is not within thier control. But dont stress over it either, these kinds of things will most often go right over a kids head, and if not it isnt a big deal. I can remember the things said around the schoolyard when I was a kid 100x worse than anything I've seen here today.
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Whether ALL of these facts or true are not-- it will remain unknown.

But before you publish a blog, dear author, you need to research, not pull rumors from off the net.
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I can't believe how gullible some of you people are.



Oh, get the hell over it. You're an adult. You've seen worse. It's really not a big friggin' deal.
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Let's all remember Walt Disney's goal was to inspire creativity and offer the public a place where it can possibly be one of the Happiest Places On Earth, especially for kids with innocent imaginations. There always a few bad apples in every work place, Disney is not excluded. I Love Disney Parks,the price is always worth the smiles and memories my kids receive.
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I can't believe all the stupidity thats mentioned here. Look around people there are worse things happening in our cities n towns. Accidents happen no place is safe nor perfect its not going to be. Everyone that works there if they get trained its up to each individual to be responsible, hard working, n do thier job good like in any job. They can't be checking on everybody there's hundreds of people in that park each day. Why don't people look at the good things always looking at the negative the wrong. Its cartoons the park they make kids belive have dreams. Look at the cartoons on TV spongebob for example it has alot of double meaning but the kids dont know that.WDW is a coorporation of course it wants to make money if you owned ur own business thats what u would want. Relax people its going to be ok don't listen to all the crap u here.
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About Hanns-Joachim Gottlob Scharff: Just remember, that your very own Government okayed WATER BOARDING! They allow all sorts of torturous interrogation. You still follow that evil with your good little american patriotism.
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watch wat you say disney is probaby watching this site because i used to play this game called club penguin and peps would make lies to just have something to say on the enternet about the game. soon the disney bought the game for a lot of money then they took all the lies and made them true and they banned the people that started them. my point is disney is watching and they dont want people in thiere shit.they have THE POWER to have use all killed man
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A friend of mine is a big Disney buff, and one time she was giving me a tour of Disneyland and knew all these places with "dark" lore. For example, here some woman had been killed by the Tom Sawyer riverboat when a rope snapped.

Or here was the spot where, if you stood by this fence when Tinkerbell slid down the rope from the castle, you could hear the "wommp!" when she dropped to the mattress. Ok, that's not really a dark thing, but it was an interesting bit of trivia.

Also, in the Haunted Mansion, there's place where there's a spiderweb covering part of the glass where they project the ghosts, and it's not there in the Disneyworld version. The reason it was put there was, somebody fired a gun from the ghost-car and cracked the glass, and it would have been hugely expensive to replace the glass, so they put up the spiderweb to cover the bullet-hole.

Also, supposedly when they were testing the log flume ride, it kept decapitating the dummies until they made adjustments.

Then of course there's the place with Walt Disney's private apartment. I guess that doesn't count as a "dark" area.

It was a little creepy to hear the revised Tiki Birds routine with Phil Hartman's voice, soon after he died. I don't know it that has been replaced or put back to the original.

On another tagent, just today a monorail driver at Disneyworld was killed.
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@ Joe Soap - I am really not sure where you are trying to go with that.
All I was doing was pointing out that Disney hired a Luftwaffe interrogator. nothing more - nothing less.
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If you're interested...

There was a sterotypical black character in Fantasia called 'Sunflower'. Feel free to google it. They removed her in the 60's due to it being controversial.

I found it really interesting that Disney denied her ever being in the original...since it was a representation of black people at the time...and it was the '30s!

Totally agree with them taking her out though...although it's awfully done with crazy zooming in!!
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I watched the three Disney movies with the famous hidden messages in them.. The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and The Lion King in a pyshcology(sp) high school class where we proved this things to be in the movies. So to the people shrinking back in horror and denial.. sorry it's there.

Now don't get me wrong; I love Disney movies.
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I find it both amusing and disturbing to read so many of these comments, with people finding conspiracies, hidden sexual innuendo, porn, and everything else in Disney stuff. It reminds me of the satirical song "Smut" by Tom Lehrer...

"All books can be indecent books
Though recent books are bolder,
For filth, I'm glad to say, is in
The mind of the beholder.
When correctly viewed,
Everything is lewd."

Let's face it... if someone's looking for it, anything longer than it is tall can be a phallic symbol, and anything taller than it is long is a vertical phallic symbol... It's sort of like a Rorschach inkblot test, where we see things that tell someone a lot more about us than about the person who made the ink blot.

Hence, for someone who's inclined to view it that way, they'll see Disneyland as a secret bordello where deaths occur daily and are quickly covered up and where the minds of all visitors are subverted by hidden images and sounds. Those people live in a frightening world where everyone is out to get them and no one can be trusted, and it's not a healthy or pleasant way to live.
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It's not just Disney, folks. Ever watch Nickelodeon with your kids? There's something in there for everyone! I say yay, gotta keep the adults entertained too...
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maybe if uve seen those, they did not think of it as having a malice or anything, maybe they were rong, but yea, whatver... they also make graphic mistakes you know.
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My mate got caught wearing Mickey Mouse's head and copulating with Snow White on a Disney cruise. He was kicked off and apparently it was up there with one of the most extreme Disney sackings they had to deal with. I believe photo's were taken and Minnie never got over the shock. Pluto was nowhere to be seen but someone had to be holding the camera!!
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Hey, let me say this... I still get watery eyed when I think about our trip this December to Disney. Which we do EVERY YEAR and will continue. Disney is a magical place for your soul and heart but remember folks, real magic does not exist. We can not prevent the unpreventable. $hit happens and its all the peoples fault! buckle up! drink plenty of water and hold your child's hand. It's Disney! I've known all these horrible things since i was little even the "walt disney frozen in the pirates ride". i still ride them like i was a little kid. finding new things (not bad) all the hidden mickeys! come on people, stop being so stupid.
In December we will open a piggy bank that we made especially for Disney, saving everything $10 and under for a year. this gives my son the dreams and hopes I had growing up anticipating the end of the year. thanks mom and dad for my first trip in 1990. will never forget that day.
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Not too long ago, I read that Adolf Hitler had actually drawn one (or more) of the Seven Dwarfs (Dwarves). I think they even had one of them with his signature. I do like some of the Disney productions but we should never be afraid to look for the truth. I just wish that Disney would release that great movie / series, 'Dr. Syn Alias The Scarecrow' -- which was very pro-freedom and starred the incredible Patrick McGoohan. We should also be at least a bit curious when Disney proteges like Miley Cyrus start doing pole dances! You might also want to check out the observations of a talk show host named Freeman, who is on Oracle Broadcasting. I believe he said that Disney is actually a contraction (Dis-ney); the Dis=Hades and the Ney=Nymph. So supposedly Disney signifies "Nymph Chaser." Keep exploring the possibilities!
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Not sure that the Nazi character in the background is sinister - it would be a little more sinister if Disney managed to completely dislocate itself from history without the odd rebel being able to insert a little bit of gritty context into the Disney tapestry.
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Support of the Lou Zhu, Lou Zhu worked hard
Nothing is impossible for a willing heart.
ugg classic cardy
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I consider my mother to have died at the Magic Kingdom. Though she was taken to the hospital, we were told immediately that she had died. We had just gotten into the park and she needed to sit down. She had a heart attack and collapsed to the ground. They did the paddles right there. Really horrific. I remember looking into her eyes and knowing she was gone. I was offered juice. I declined. It seemed like forever before the ambulance came. We were given 4 free tickets. I was 17, she was 54 and it was 4 days before my high school graduation, back in 1993.
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I find this sick and disgusting.Im 14 and ive sat here and read all the comments that all you people have wrote.Most of the deaths were because of things people did even though they were warned not to.I mean come on people what is disney supposed to do use their "magic" to stop people from doing stupid things?Also all the drawings and what not GET OVER IT you have to be a sick twisted pervert to even notice it...I mean seriously sex in the clouds of lion king? who really has the time to pause the freakin movie and read the clouds? I love disney world and will enjoy every second im there its magic to me! I have a three year old sister and me and my whole family went to visit and it still brings tears to my eyes remembering the bright smile on her face when she saw mickey mouse.Oh and if you do notice something strange keep it to yourself it would get alot less attention that way!
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sydnerzz: There are some comments here that are legitimate and serious and mine pertained strictly to my mother's death from natural causes. Respect for those of us who have lost a loved one is not a difficult task. I was further making the point that no matter whose fault it is, Disney tries not to publicize deaths as it's not great for their image -- and honestly I don't care as in my case, my mother's death had nothing to do with a ride nor the park etc. I find it especially disrespectful though that you commented right after mine. I'm not mad at Disney. I'm just saying my mom died there and her death cert says she died at the hospital. Plain and simple. If you want to address the idiotic comments then you should be specific and not say "ive sat here and read all the comments that all you people have wrote". Yes, there's a lot of crap here, but try to have a little sensitivity to those who aren't idiots.
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Come On What Is It With You People You Guys Are Over Reacting,Besides Find Something More To Do Than Sit On The Sofa All Day Watching Disney Movies,Finding Things That Don't Exists And Disrespecting Disney For The Things That Are Not There.They Worked Hard On These Movies For About 100 Years Or So.Now Quit Trying To Ruin Things For Other People And Let There Children And Grandchildren Enjoy The Classics And Future Classics Okay.
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to be fair now write a biased story on six flags and busch gardens deaths. and only dirty minds see perverted images especially if you have to pause and remind numerous times to see them.
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I'm pretty sure they are legally required to take someone to a hospital where they must be pronounced dead by a doctor after they've tried to resuscitate them. I think the only way they can pronounce someone dead at the scene is if they're decapitated or something where it is completely, not a chance of living dead. I am sorry for your loss though and having to witness the death of your mother in what is supposed to be such a happy place and time in your life. I'm sure it could not have been near easy for you and I'm sure still difficult to this day. But there are some pretty crazy comments where it seems people are making something out of nothing. Not everyone has to be a fan of Disney. If you don't like it - don't go or don't watch the movies. But don't take the fun out of it for everyone else. Find something better to do...
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I grew up loving Walt Disney and his Sunday night movies. Still vividly remeber Haley Mills and "That Darn Cat" TC. Later my mom told me he was very anti-semetic. After Walt died, Disney changed. Back in the 80's the State of Florida offered several million $ (maybe around 10) to help small communities w/their sewer system. Disney found it it qualified (49 square miles-a small community), applied and accepted all of the funds. Public outrage caused Disney to turn it down. Whenever someone sues Disney, they schedule the court case in the morning to increase costs..hotel,etc. Disney keeps using different attorneys so that can't be used against Disney in the future. So yes, there's many more skeletons out there.
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kay u have like thousands of adult brains here colliding to figure out these Disney's hidden messages, i mean, even if there are, how's a phallic image which is way hidden and stuffs that need slo mo cams can ever be noticed by your 6 year old kids? think of ur little kids who's on facebook at this moment, God knows what kind of exposures are they getting there, and what phallic images are they posting on their sites.
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Check out the work of Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler (Deeper Insights Into The Illuminati Formula) starting with this link (plenty more where that came from):

Springmeier was once jailed for what he knew so he must have been onto something!
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it is amazing how many 'die hard' disney fans there seems to be here..yet, no one seems to know, acknowledge, or mention the fact walt disney did drugs..yes..lsd, weedos, and he drank a's totally unbelievable! why would he do that?!? he's was too perfect! and people have 'dreams'! don't take that away with your slander and blasphemy! seriously..that's precisely 'why' the sexual inuendos and images make sense and are true and well as the other 'dark' things that would come a long with a lifestyle such as that, for sure..'accidents', 'coverups', is naive to believe otherwise.
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and another note...he worked as a spy for the FBI as well, in its investigations of communists in Hollywood..just like everyone else though, he has a dark side..given the right circumstances, everyone is capable of the same things
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