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Yay Sweden! Swedish Women Won Rights to Bathe Topless

God bless the feminists! Fighting what they deem as a sex discrimination of sorts, women of all shapes and sizes in Malmö bared criticisms to win the right to bathe topless in the city's public swimming pool:

The breast issue has proved divisive, with political wranglings leading to the question being struck off the agenda at an earlier meeting in April.

These political cleavages remained on view right up until Wednesday's meetings with disagreements on both the left and right sides. [...]

According to Forsberg, some on the council had lobbied for wording which would have required women to keep their nipples covered, but Forsberg explained that attempting to enforce such a rule would have been too complicated.

"We don't define what bathing suits men should wear so it doesn't make much sense to do it for women. And besides, it's not unusual for men to have large breasts that resemble women's breasts," he said.

I'm glad that the city's sports and recreation committee has finally provided the proper support for this important matter. Rest assured, Neatorama will keep you abreast of the situation:

Seems fair. Then again, most people wouldn't want to see me running around shirtless anyway. That doesn't stop me in the garden or at the allotment when it's hot, but I wouldn't inflict it on the general population.
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That kind of topless ban applied only to public pools right? Because topless on beaches and some waterparks throughout Europe is commonplace.

BTW, this is actually a healthy political move with more than symbolic significance in the sense of defending values of self-expression/ body freedom for women.
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Dude! Just tits? Come one man they are not just they are something that is why so much fight. But anyway, I think it is not good for women to bath topeless in public place. However they can get topeless in women only pool.
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Women can go topless in Ontario in public as of a few years ago. Does it ever happen? You must be joking. for more info.
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I'm sorry but I've become cynical about the news as of late and won't believe it until I see it with my own eyes. Pics please. ;)
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Yeah, we got a nude beach to, but it's infested with ugly old and "probably" gay old troll men. My friends try and avoid it and would rather look directly at the sun. Funny thing is, it's against the law to go into the water naked, but I wouldn't go into that filthy lake Ontario with or without clothing on.
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"discrimination of sorts"?? There are men with bigger, certainly more vulgar, breasts than me or most of my friends who can (and regularly do) go shirtless on hot days. I've seen such men pick up their moobs to let the sweat dry underneath.. at public pools!

"Of sort", indeed. Either make those jerks wear bikini or shirt tops (and watch them bitch about it) or allow everyone to go shirtless on hot days. People need to quit acting like they've never seen a titty before.
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Don't lump all Americans as nudity phobic. A survey in the US showed 25% of Americans have skinny dipped in mixed company.

And nudist resorts are very popular in the US. I know as I own the Terra Cotta Inn, Palm Springs, CA. We have the 2nd highest occupancy rate of ALL hotels in Palm Springs.

Fashions change. In the late 1800's women wore full dresses from their ankles, to their wrists, to their necks and had little house carts go into the ocean or lake so they could go "swimming."

In the early 1900's if a woman showed a bare ankle she was considered immoral.

By the 1920's bare ankles were OK, bare calves were immoral.

Just like the world did not come to an end when bare ankles were first shown in public on women in the 1900's, the world will not end with topless swimming.

People should grow up. Breasts are no more sexual now than ankles were at the turn of the century. Do these moralists want woman to dress like Muslims? We"re in the year 2009 not 1909.
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It's all in the mind. I think it's but correct to not consider it as immoral in some areas, to expose women's breast. I mean, if everyone, especially males, get used to seeing topless girls, then in no time at all, it will become so common that just staring at them will be a very very uncommon behaviour. Perhaps at the start, it's going to be real nice for their eyes to feast on, but seeing bare breasted girls frequently will make you feel like just seeing people not wearing a hat.
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You people are so stupid and brain washed, you all have nothing left to fight for so all thats left is to bitch about being able to take your shirts off,I am A WOMAN BUT A SMART ONE. I hate women tho honestly, i would never be toppless because, once I'm actually Intelligent, i don't care to nor desire too, a real female would never do that, females are modest by nature, but the most redundant part of all of this is being toppless doesn't CHANGE anything, how about you fight about the equality between men and women in science, or just in general something that MATTERS and actually makes you SMARTER, taking your shirt off will have no effect but make people MORE stupid.No women besides me should have the right to even THINK. this is why you women were controlled to begin with, once one of you gets a crazy idea and you talk about it with your other girl friends you all become so brain washed so easily you never even think for your selfs, you never stop to think, WHY ARE ALL WOMEN WANTING TO BE MEN? WHY ARE THEY OBSESSED WITH COPYING MEN? Seriously, you need to stop copying them and show them YOUR BETTER, meaning, KEEP YOUR CLOTHES ON EVEN IF MEN TAKE THEIRS OFF, BE THE GOOD EXAMPLE.You don't murder people or abuse animals just because someone else has done it or in certain countries its legal, men go toppless, i never even cared nor wanted the same right. females and males were made different FOR A REASON,I love being a female and pride my modesty and beauty, all REAL females are modest by nature meaning deep down you don't want to go toppless, actually females desired to cover there own body back many years,the rich wouldn't even take their top off to feed their babies they would let a lower class ugly worthless women do it,because exposing your body is lowering its worth, hence why we should cover our body's like its a gift to a great person who loves us and even DESERVES and is WORTHY enough to see our body, seriously are you going to give a man---who is possibly a rapist,abusive and beats his wife/gf, a murderer, the satisfaction of seeing your body?if you do that then your supporting that evil man and even making him happy. That says a lot about such a woman, shes just as evil to support such a man.
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Stopped reading when you said taking your shirt off makes you more stupid. And you don't seem to get that once its legal most people will stop giving a shit about it.
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