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Seeing Stars Over Tattoo

An 18-year-old Belgian girl is suing a Romanian tattoo artist over the 56 stars on her face. Kimberley Vlaminck says she requested three small stars, but the tattoo artist didn't understand her French and English.
Rouslan Toumaniantz, who runs the tattoo parlour called The Tattoo Box in Courtrai, denies her claim.

He said she knew 'exactly what she wanted'.

He added: 'She was awake and looked into the mirror several times as the procedure was taking place.

'The trouble all started when she went home and her father and boyfriend threw a fit.

'They are saying things now like I doped her or hypnotised her. What rubbish!

'She asked for 56 stars and that’s what she got.'

Vlaminck says she fell asleep during the procedure. She is seeking £8,500 to pay for tattoo removal. Link -via J-Walk Blog

She's wearing a belt buckle that looks like its been unbuckled that says "SEXY" on it. Clearly there is something wrong with her =/
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"a Belgian psychologist, said: '......She feels like a circus freak - and no wonder, because she looks like one.'"

That's a very professional way of putting it.
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someone has buyers remorse. And yes Zo, they do what is called a flash sheet first.

There is no way she fell asleep. Face and bony parts are the most sensitve areas for tattoos.

Like MissCellania, My husband has a lot of work as well, and he has never fallen asleep.

And if you cannot communicate with the artist - then you should not get it done.
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No doubt 'she knew what she was doing' and no way she fell asleep, however, if the tattoo artist knew his stuff he wouldn't have inked her up like that either.
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I've had a tat done. It's literally a needle stabbing into your skin. Your skin bleeds. It takes several days to heal.

And having tats done on the face must be especially painful, since there is no fat under the skin.

No... no one is "sleeping" through that.
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Her story is that she said, "Three stars on my face, please" in French, but the Romanian tattoo-er thought she said "Fifty-six stars". So do "three" in French and "fifty-six" in Romanian sound approximately the same? I'm guessing not.
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Given what is in the article, I would judge that they both are at fault. No tattoo artist should ever do anything to an 18 year-old's face. Maybe splitting the cost of removal will teach him that lesson.
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I have to disagree on one point. I'm sure that all the heroin she had on board that made her think this was a good idea at the time could have caused her to pass out.
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Well as long as the judges in the country they're in are more competent than some of ours, I think she's likely to lose more money on a lawyer. If she wins the suit, we'll see the extent of American influence on the world. I really hope not...
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I feel little sympathy for this woman. Tattoos are, to say the very least, a complex decision with social and body image implications.

She's getting what she obviously wanted (attention), but to try shift the responsibility for the repercussions of her decision to the tattoo artist/daddy/bf seems ridiculous.
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She should change her name to Kimberly Starr, get another 700 or so stars tattooed down her entire left side, and see where life takes her.

Maybe this is fate showing her that her previous self centered mundane life just wasn't going to work out for her.

Either that or she should have taken 5 minutes and sketched out EXACTLY what she wanted.
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I'm suprised she didn't accuse him of other things as she was 'passed out' too, just for the hell of it. Theft, groping her, etc! Many ways to raise that suing amount!
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lol fall asleep...I can't even fall asleep during insensitive areas. the noise of the gun is enough to keep you awake.

Maybe it's just me, but if I said I was 18 and an artist said he'd tattoo my face or hands, I would never get work done by them. just shows they don't care and want the money.
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Ok, nice try sister. There is no possible way you could fall asleep while getting a tattoo. Even on the toughest part of your body. Impossible. She's just back paddling since her father threw a fit.
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Shes a liar and her tattoos arent that great, In a few years she wont be able to tell that most of them were once stars. I agree with those that said no artist should tattoo a teenager's hands or face. That doesnt make him responsible for her bad decision but shows that he will pretty much do anything for a buck. Ive seen tattoo artists tell people "no" maybe 100 times.

I was drifting to sleep having my arm done and my artist yelled at me :D
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Let's see - a person was TATTOOING HER FACE and she "Fell Asleep"? Sorry - that doesn't make sense. She simply has a case of buyers remorse and wants someone else to pay for it.
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Looks like a career as a rocket scientist is out of the question for her. She deserves nothing but the lifetime of regret she truly earned. Tattoos like that are nature's way of warning us that we're in the presence of a very, very stupid humanoid.
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She's definitely lying. But what conscientious tattoo artist would agree to doing that? He should have told her to think it over. Sometimes, you do have to turn down work, if only for the sake of your reputation.

Nobody's attacking the patriarchal society that won't let her do what she wants with her own body...?
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I don't see why everyone's blaming the tattoo artist for doing it in the first place. That's his job; I'm sure if he rejected every single person who came in asking for something stupid he'd never get paid.

That said, wow, yeah, stars on the face. Five minutes of forethought and none of this would have happened.
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I think the girl is a liar. I find it hard to believe that a tattooist would do something like that against a person's will. How can someone even fall asleep and not feel the tattoo being performed? That just doesn't make any sense to me.
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also, wouldn't she have spoken up once he got close to her nose and said, "hey,what the hell??" I think I would. If this does go to court, the judge has to believe the tattoo artist, she's obviously sore because I'm sure her family and boyfriend thought what she did was stupid and therefore she just wants to blame the artist.
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I agree with everyone saying she knew what she was doing. However, I just go WTF? when I think of someone asking, specifically, for 56 stars.

But then again, this girl looks like she's made of stupid.
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How the hell do you fall asleep during a tattoo they are far to sore for that to happen, I think that she wanted this and the family had a fit when they saw it and she had to blame someone:)
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What a silly moo!

a) who goes to a tattoo artist that doesn't speak your language anyhow?

b) i have 7 tattoos, and although I've wanted someone to knock me out during each and every one, i can tell you that you ain't gonna be falling asleep.

she should own up to her dumb-assery, and get the things removed out of your own pocket if she can't bear to look at herself in the mirror every morning.
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the only thing I can say about this (after reading the linked article) is that the tattooist really needs a more interesting looking pair of glasses.
They don't really go with the rest of his look do they?

Wait. Did I miss the point?
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Well.., you CAN fall asleep while being tattooed. I can testify to that, both in having fallen asleep and having seen that happen to others... I like the feeling, like being scratched.
But to my knowledge it is fully impossible to get 56 tattoo's instead of 3 without any tattoo-artist and especially a Roemanian tattoo-artist residing in Belgium where they have 3 languages within their border- asking in as many languages as possible including sign-languages and a if needed possibly translator - "Are you Really Sure about this...???" ...Because setting 56 stars isn't the most pleasing job in the world for any tattoo-artist. Ans setting them on a face is an absolute guarantee in advance for getting publicity or at least attention from folks.

What I don't understand is that in my country- you have to fill in some forms in advance that state that you complie with the treatment and that it was you who gave the order to being tattooed. Don't they have that in Belgium...?
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She's lying.
You don't fall asleep when someone's tattooing your face. She just got yelled at for doing it and is not lying her ass off.
Also,it's in the tat artists portfolio, so they took pix after the tat was on. Not sure if you'd do that if you were totally surprised....
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ok, tattoo artist is the states have you sign a waiver, and im pretty sure it keeps them from harm in something like this

also, do not blame the artist, people get facial tattoo's

and who is he to tell someone he doesn't think they should get a certain tattoo? I understand if its some kind of issue with the tattoo not fitting in an area, but that obviously wasnt the case here
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"and who is he to tell someone he doesn’t think they should get a certain tattoo?" - mysickfix

A good artist is picky about the work they do. If they feel that their artwork will not look right or is not complimentary to where you want it, they will not do it. A good artist will go over your decision over the course of a few visits. They get a feel for your personal style and what exactly you want.

Having said that - that tattoo was probably a "spur of the moment" kind that had not much thought put into it.
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Yeah, but this wasn't a fancy tattoo parlor in Vegas, it was some guy in Eastern Europe. Getting any kind of cash flow would never be turned down, and maybe he preyed on her stupidity, but she is 100% at fault.
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haha im just imagining her without the tattoos and she seems so bland... too bad she might not get a job, but she'll get the attention she never got now...
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@in_nah- This is NOT some guy in Eastern Europe- This is a guy FROM Eastern Europe that works and lives already for some time in Courtrai in Walonian / Kortrijk in Flemish in the southwest of Belgium, close to the French border and not so far from the North-Sea coast, part of Western Flanders. So he does know how things work in Heartland-Western Europe.
I guess that she will lose her battle if she goes to court because he will have documentation and withnesses of what happened in his shop.
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Tattoo artist should have said No, he is dumb for doing it, and she is absolutely a moron, I have been about as drunk as you can be,and you never would talk me into something this stupid.
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Well, if a Romanian tattoo-artist works in Belgium without understanding what his clients want, and not being able to understand the word "trois" - three (but obviously understanding "estelles"-stars???), there must be more clients around not happy with their tattoos. Someone with 56 sculls on one arm or so... ;-D
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I don't think anybody mentioned this, but she would not be able to fall asleep while being tatooed. The lights from the ubiquitous neon signs inside and out of the parlor would totally keep her awake.
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Here's a picture of the tattoo "artist":

The guy's name is Rouslan Toumaniantz. Looking at his face with all the wild piercings, ear studs and facial tattoos Kimberley must have known very well what she was getting into. It's just as clear that Rouslan doesn't look like someone who's very comfortable with outrageous requests and would not say no to 18 year old girls with stupid ideas that they regret 1 day later. It's a good lesson for both of 'em. She'll have the guilt, he will have to pay for the tattoo removal.
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BTW Here's an article in Dutch which goes into more detail:

According to the interview Rouslan Toumaniantz advised the girl to have more than three stars on her face and showed her a drawing of what he had in mind. When she agreed she actually wanted even more stars thatn Rouslan had suggested. She was initially happy with the results but it all changed when she saw how her father entered the tattoo parlor and saw what had happened.
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Yeah, yeah. Buyer's remorse and a particularly lame excuse. That's why many tattoo artists are reluctant to do any tattoo that can't be easily covered by clothing.

Facial tats aren't my thing, but, really, that design doesn't look bad on her. At least it's a relatively tasteful and inoffensive design. I'd really suggest she try a concealer makeup before resorting to laser removal.
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She lied to everybody because she knew her father would be angry. He was ok for three stars on the head of his daughter but not all the face. So she made up all this story ... If you understand french :
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While I agree that she is childish and selfish, it is possible to fall asleep during a tattoo (though probably not a facial one). I fell asleep while getting one on my back, it was during the second hour and I was laying face-down on the massage table that they used for back tattoos.
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This needs to be said again:

“No tattoo artist should ever do anything to an 18 year-old’s face.”

That seems to be shifting responsibility a bit.
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