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What Is It? Game 100: Win a Road Mice Computer Mouse!

Today's collaboration with What is it? blog is very special for us. Since our very first What is it? game in November 2006, I've always wondered when we would reach this milestone: our 100th game. Well, here it is!

To celebrate this milestone, we have a nifty prize:

The first person who guessed right will win this awesome Black Camaro Road Mice Wireless Mouse from the Neatorama Online Shop. If no one gets it right, then the funniest guess will win it instead.

This sporty mouse is the perfect for car lovers. If you don't win, you can still "cruise the web in style" with the Road Mice Wireless Computer Mouse by buying one from our online shop. As always, your purchase helps support the blog.

Contest rules are simple: place your guess in the comment section. Please post no URL or web links - doing so will forfeit your entry (be kind and let others play!) One guess per comment, please, though you can enter as many guesses as you'd like.

More clues at the What is it? Blog. Good luck!

Update 6/13/09 - The answer is: A Copenhagen snuff can opener, used for cutting the paper seal on the can. Congratulations to attorneyadrian who got it right first!

At county/local fairs, judges carry these around so that they don't take too much pie and get fat. It is a tool that was released by the American Health Association - Pie Division in order to curb excessive judge pie eating and their subsequent obesity.
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This is eine EisBergZerkratzenZange, or Iceberg grapnel. In 1932, The German navy in a co-enterprise with an Austrian inventor, Helmut Klank, attempted to tow icebergs from the Bering strait to Morrocco, seeking to sell the mountains of fresh water to thirsty african nations. Hundred of these grapnels would be attached to a small flotilla of Naval vessels and moved. The project failed when the Iceberg shattered from the stress, causing several injuries from snapped towlines an flying grapnels. One sailor, a former artist and WW1 veteran was in a coma for several days. When he awoke, he thought he had been struck down by another crewmember, one Eli Goldberg, whom he he had argued with earlier. When it was explained to him his suffering was from the towing accident, he stated 'Iceberg! Goldberg! What's the difference!'
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It's an anchor/brake but for a horse. It digs into the ground preventing the horse from running off when there's no hitching post.
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It´s for eating pizza. But it´s used in prisons, for dangerous prisioners

Somebody put the pizza on that thing, and they chain the chain to a rope. Then, the prisioner pull the rope and take his pizza.

It has the "wall" at the biggest part to avoid the pizza falling during the pulling. And it has that kind of spikes to give it the looking of a pizza-mover for a bad person, in order to make the prisioner comfortable with his inner evil.

Sorry for the language.
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Miah is right, it is a snuff tin opener, specifically a Copenhagen opener (with "Copenhagen" printed on the back of the "pie" crust part). However, I prefer to think of it as part of a keyring finger trap. Sort of like a bear trap, but smaller and less useful. My first thought, though, was perhaps an evil little piece of camping gear--for when you don't have toilet paper.
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This is a 1/2 scale pie slice size checker. Carry it in your purse or on your keychain. When you are served pie in a restarant, the piece of pie should be a least twice the size of the pie size checker. If it is not, the server is ripping you off!
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A Ronco Pocket Poleil Nail Puller. Advertised on late-night television. But Wait! Order NOW, and you'll get NOT one, NOT two, but THREE.....

Just ask Ron.....
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All those that said it's for cutting the seal on smokeless tobacco cans are correct. Well, at least I believe you are, I have one that I got years ago but mine is silver.
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