Death Metal Parrot

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Scientists have determined that birds can indeed dance, but can they headbang to death metal? You betcha! Behold, the Death Metal Parrot!

From the Upcoming ueue, submitted by Christophe.

There is also a death metal band with a parrot for a singer: HATEBEAK!

yes, I have one of their 7"s and it's AWESOME.
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Call me a dork, but I see an animal that defintely is not okay here. If a cockatoo looks ruffled in his feathers like this and behaves like that, it has psychological problems. It does not feel well.

So the only thing I can say here is- Poor animal... So sad to see- my heart bleeds for this creature.
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@Foreigner1: I think the bird is fine--maybe a little ringing in the ears, but no psychological damage. I grew up with 2 cockatoos and they love music, dancing, and acting a little crazy once in a while. My parents birds do this all the time, although they have different musical tastes.

If he was acting like this all the time, then you can get worried.
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