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McNuggitini: The McDonald's Chicken McNugget Martini

Photo: Leah

McDonald's food is often the butt of jokes, but those days are gone if foodie Georgia Hardstark of The State That I Am In blog and her friend Alie Ward of Curiology have their way.

You see, they've concocted that could surely be called as the perfect alcoholic beverage/dinner/dessert, the McNuggitini:

Recipe by Alie and Georgia

Prep Time: 5 minutes
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Yield: 2 servings


2 McNuggz (plus more for snacking)
1 tub McDonalds Brand Barbeque Sauce (plus more for licking off pinky finger)
1 lg. Mcdonalds Brand Chocolate Milkshake (plus more for bringing all the boys to the yard)
1 bottle Vanilla Vodka (recommended brand: Absolut)

Open the McDonalds bag. Eat one McNugg each, followed by two bites of the Filet-o-Fish (make sure you don't tell anyone that you eat Filet-o-Fishes).

Mix three or four shots of vanilla vodka in the McDonalds Brand Chocolate Milkshake, followed by one shot each directly into your mouth.

Rim each martini glass with McDonalds Brand Barbeque Sauce, and pour milkshake/vodka mixture into the glass. Garnish with a McNugg (which is to be swiped along barbeque sauce rimmed glass after the milkshake has been finished, and consumed with pure, unadulterated glee).

Details at This Recording blog: Link - via Didn't You Hear?

Alex, what the heck is your moderation trigger set to anyway?

People drop the f-word like a bad habit in these comments, but the above gets flagged? I don't get it...
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seefish3 - on a related note, I occasionally get paused for moderation for no discernable reason.
Alex - if only to save yourself time in the future it may be a good idea to drop commenters a note to explain what it was that caused the filter to throw a wobbly so we can try to avoid it in future.
Assuming the filter tells you, of course.
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@seefish3 - moderation is triggered by excessive links or presence of certain keywords. The keywords can be quite unusual (and not the thing that you thought would incur moderation) - this is because it has been used in the past in spam attempts, so we keep an eye on 'em.

We used to moderate for, shall we say, salty language, but that turned out to be too big of a task without a dedicated moderator.
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I'd rather have some free range chicken roasted with some garlic and rosemary under the skin, and then a martini made with a good tasting gin.
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It's definitely gross, but you've got to give them points for trying! Plus, except for the BBQ sauce and 'McNugg' on the rim, a vodka infused chocolate shake doesn't sound that bad...
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@seefish3 - yeah, most of the filtering is actually done to combat spam, rather than censor comments for being inappropriate.

To illustrate the point, if a spammer uses "girls" in the comment and hit the blog with hundreds of comments, then the engine will filter out everything with "girls" and put them in moderation until we get tired of having to clear valid comments with the word "girls" in it and manually clean the filtered keyword. By then, the spam blast would've been over.

Mind you, we have Akismet that filters out 99% of the spammy comments already. You're caught by the blog's secondary filter.
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