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Fast Food of South and Central America

You read about fast foods of Europe and Asia and Australia, now in the third part of the series, HealthAssist takes a look at fast food from South and Central America. For example, in Panama:
Fondas are one of the most popular places to grab a meal on the go. These small kiosk-type restaurants serve their food from glass boxes heated by a light bulb. Most, if not all of the food served in fondas are fried - rice, hojaldres, pork chunks, empanadas. Fondas also serve a soup called sancocho. Sancocho is a type of chicken soup flavoured with onion and cilantro.

Link -Thanks, Karen!

wow byrd brain its hard to believe you are human....are you american by any chance...or from some first world country where culture seems to not be required.

by the way none of the food listed under mexico is served in fondas...its served on the streets.

fondas or comidas corridas serve healthy homemade menus for people who work and can´t go home to eat.
in other countries (lets say the U.S) these type of joints don´t exist so people have to go to mc donalds or subway or any type of fast food...fondas are not fast food.
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yea those taco stands are on every corner. its soooo great...:-D you pay 5 pesos and get something way cooler than a cheeseburger.

but i have a problem... why just tacos??? they have pretty badass fast food other than tacos.

i went to mexico city last year and sopes where a must. Damn... so f'ing goood.
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once again students…Mexico is part of North America not Central or South…

Well, that depends, in most places, like Europe, it is assumed that is part of Central America. In some places there isn't even a Central America, just North and South.

It’s easy to mistake because Mexico seems to fit so well with the rest of the third-world countries down south.

The divisions are purely geographical, but you sure do belogn to Morons Island.
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This made me very hungry, even at five in the morning.

Why the hell can't people who write these articles put the images in the same order as the listing paragraphs? How damn hard is it to match them up?
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